Dates are believed to have magic healing powers, and with the help of a little science and that yummy taste, dates should be a staple in everyone’s diet; not only for their healing powers, but for all the great benefits they have. Dates are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are also a good source of fiber. There are several great benefits that every foodie should be aware of.

They are high in fiber

Fiber is important for your overall health. Fiber benefits your digestive health. Fiber packed foods also keep you feeling full for longer amounts of time. There are about 7 grams of fiber in a single serving of dates, so it’s time to add them to your diet!

They lower cholesterol

Dates not only contain very little fat, they have no cholesterol! This means that by adding dates into your diet can help you keep your cholesterol managed and even help you lose some weight at the same time. Add these little life-savers in for a healthy daily snack!

Dates are high in anti-oxidants

Dates provide a long list of anti-oxidants that help fight several different diseases. Antioxidants protect your body cells from unstable molecules that may cause harmful reactions to your body. Dates are known to help potentially with the development of heart disease and even cancer. 

It’s a Brain Food!

Studies have shown that dates may improve your brain functions. Dates tend to reduce inflammatory markers that are associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease. The studies depicted that mice who were fed diets filled with dates had a better memory that lasted the longest.

The perfect natural sweetener

Dates contain fructose which is a natural sugar. Dates are sweet and make a great substitute for white manufactured sugars. In order to use as a replacement, just substitute sugar in recipes with date paste. For example, if a recipe calls for ½ cup of sugar, just replace it with ½ cup of date paste.

Improve bone health

Dates are a great source of calcium! Calcium helps your bones grow and stay strong. Dates also have selenium, copper and magnesium which are also great nutrients for bone health and preventing conditions like osteoporosis. 

Dates promote bikini-ready skin

Dates have a lot of great vitamins that help your skin stay looking fresh, clear and ready for summer! Vitamin D and Vitamin C also help your skin remain elastic to avoid wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth. If you suffer from skin issues, dates may help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Help begin natural labour

Ready to serve your baby an eviction notice? Just try eating some dates! Eating dates throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy can help dilate the cervix more efficiently. In one study, women who ate 6 dates per day for a month before their due-date were 20% more likely for labor to start naturally.

They clear up constipation

Dates are a major combatant of constipation. Because dates are so filled with fiber, it helps the bowels move. Eating dates regularly, along with drinking lots of water, can make a huge change in your digestive habits.

Boost fertility

Infertility is a crisis that can be mentally and physically traumatizing. This little natural hack may help ease the struggles and stress. Before doling out thousands of dollars on medications, try eating dates. Dates have micro-elements like estrone that can positively influence male fertility. 

Muscle gain

If you’re looking for a healthy way to gain a little weight with muscle and very little fats, dates may be a great snack for you. Dates are nutritious and delicious and offer several nutrient benefits that help you gain muscle while staying healthy and not damaging your body’s natural protein functions.

Improve cardiac health

Poor diet and little exercise is a huge contributor to heart disease which is one of the leading causes of death. The best diet is a diet low in glycemic index. Dates are extremely low in glycemic index and therefore a great option when thinking about your heart health.

They regulate blood pressure

Dates are low in sodium. They are also low in saturated and trans fats. Those low levels are the main contributing reason why dates can help regulate your blood pressure when part of your daily diet. They work with blood pressure similarly to how they can help your cardiac system.

Fast energy boost

The simple sugars in dates are used heavily for energy production in your body. Consuming a couple of dates before exerting large allotments energy can help those exertions feel less strenuous. Throw a couple of dates in your diet before a workout for best results.

Prevent night blindness

Night time tends to bring strain onto our eyes. Many people struggle with vision in poorly lit conditions, such as night time. Dates have a solid amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiencies are often what causes night blindness. Grab some dates!

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