72 HOURS IN ENUGU STATE and what to expect

Have you been to my city!!

If you have plans of coming to Enugu state any time soon or do you have plans of moving to Enugu state, the first thing you will experience is peace, cultured people and you can’t help turning your neck because there are so many beautiful women in this state.

People living in Enugu state are classy, yeah you heard me right! We are well learned and well travelled so don’t surprised by our diction.

Our ghetto na G.R.A for some states, all bragging rights reserved but some part of Lagos or even Abuja will make you gladly move to Abakpa!

Enugu state is the land of my birth and I love the varieties of food here. When you come, be sure to eat Abacha from good spots, Okpa, Achicha, Ji na Agbugbu, Egbo Oka among others.

When there is peace, Electricity, security and calmness in a state, what more can you ask for?


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