From time immemorial, a pair of boobs have always had it’s allure, fascinated members of the opposite sex and brought some to their knees; not even Kings or men in hallowed alters are spared.

As for nursing babies, it is a case of “we die here” as we say in our local parlance.

Women who themselves are conscious of this their God-given asset, never seize to flaunt them.

However, it takes one small cancerous lump to make things fall apart and cause the cookie to crumble.

As we mark breast cancer awareness month this month, women must take care to pay extra attention to the care of the boobs.

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Get to know your boobs well, it’s only then you’d know when they appear abnormal.

Here are a few important tips to help.

Wear comfortable bras.

Bras should be firm but not tight. Don’t wear a bra to bed and never wear beyond eight hours in a day.

Eat a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits. They help lower breast cancer risk.

Breast feeding lowers breast cancer risk.  Don’t be in a hurry to stop.

Maintain a healthy weight. A basic metabolic index of less than 23 is recommended. This reduces all forms of cancer.

Physical activity in the form of exercises is essential. Start with basic walks and make progress. This can be done at least 30minutes daily.

Do self breast examination in order to detect for any lump and if above 40 years, do a mammogram test once a year. Early breast cancer detection saves life.

A lifestyle change may be necessary at some point. Avoid smoking and alcoholism.

Avoid illicit use of contraceptive pills or hormonal pills if not recommended.

Mind what you’re exposed to. Exposure to radiation and environmental pollution are harmful and potention causes of cancer. 

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