Adverse Effects Of Yoni Pearls For Vagina Detox

There are many questions popping up about the vagina and all things related to it. This might not have been the case in past centuries but in this 21st century, women are more conscious of their health especially the vagina health.

Different people have come up with a lot of solutions for each problem associated with the vagina, from douching, to the use of sweet-scented creams and sitting on hot -water mixed with disinfectant to prevent infections, and now of recent, the insertion of different Yoni pearls.x

In recent times, Yoni Pearls have become very common among women recently, this is because of its ability to detox the uterus, cleanse the vagina;and tighten it. Yoni Pearl has been in existence for a long number of years, in fact, yoni as a word connotes words like vagina, vulva and uterus, it is from this that we now have different pearls for the treatment of diverse vaginal infections which includes yeast infection, detoxification, sexually transmitted infections, fallopian tube blockage and vagina tightening.Yoni pearls

Yoni pearls | Photo – Heal Thy Womb

The question then is, how safe is this Yoni pearls and other vaginal cleansing antibiotics? Just like every other medicines, a constant use of this pearl causes the death of the good bacteria in the vagina. These detox pearls consist of osthol, angelica, rhubarb and mutherswot, these are good herbs that can be taken orally but for insertion? It is not certain how perfect they are.

As stated earlier, the constant use of these detox pearls can lead to the death of Lactobacillus acidophilus, a common bacteria in the vagina that produces lactic acid which prevents the growth of other harmful bacteria. If left in too long in the vagina, the pearls can cause severe infection, pelvic inflammation disease and toxic shock syndrome if used during periods. While you use them to treat yeast infections, it can cause another severe yeast infection and make you bleed.

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Most women are prone to yeast infection and other vagina related infections because the vagina is sensitive, it could be caused by a change of environment, sexual partners, restrooms, tissue papers and so on. It is advisable to always open up to medical practitioners about your vagina issues, it does not make you less of a woman, and it helps to avoid self-medication and unnecessary insertions.

The power of the vagina is in its self-cleansing ability, you do not have to help it, it is powerful enough to help itself.

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