THE Deputy Minority leader, House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu has yet again sponsored a Bio-resource training, which he described as creating a world of possiblity for his constituents to inhabit in.

This he said in an exclusive Interview with UGAMATV during the just Concluded training on Bio-Production and Bio-processing with specialty to Heliciculture ( Snail farming).

Attracted and sponsored by Okechukwu, The training was intended and conducted for no fewer than one hundred Farmers from the Awgu Aninri and Oji river Federal constituency.

The training was however Coordinated and planned by the Projects Development Institute(PRODA), Enugu.

The one hundred participants were trained on the Science and Art of Heliciculture (Snail farming), they were adequately tutored on pen Construction, maintenance and safety measures. The threats as well as growth boosters were enumerated. Feeding, feed types, including Economic importance of Snail farming were also taught.

They are to be adequately mentored, Groomed and empowered to Kickstart a business in Snail farming.

Agriculture as we were meant to understand, has become a very lucrative business, in most of the western countries, no fewer than 5% of their populace provides food for the nation and they are proudly making millions from there.

Gone are the days when people tagged Agriculture “an illiterate’s business, a dirty occupation”, nowadays, persons are trooping in their numbers into this gold mine, that is the Agricultural Sector, harnessing and benefiting the prospects and dividends therein.

Okechukwu, renowned for his intuition and ability to reckon with the global trend, has envisaged that one of the most Viable Economic sectors, of the world, is the Agricultural sector..

As such, he keyed into this growing trend and decided to empower, the good people of his Constituency, through a full funded training in the Science of Snail rearing, as well as the production of their feed, hence, curtailing the cost of breeding and growing healthy Snails.

Not only will this gesture empower the participants, it will aide in poverty alleviation, a complimenting source of income for Snail farmers whom are alternatively employed.

Most significantly, this will benefit the General public, since, it makes available Food, to eradicate any manner of hunger or nutrient deficiency diseases, as snails are one of the major medicinal animal  Proteins.These participants are by this reason, Food producers in their very little but growing capacity.

In the very recent past, the world was met with the very horrendous COVID-19 pandemic, that hit the world’s economy and sent it reeling, several preexisting major sources of revenue and income for both the government and individuals alike, took a major hit backwards, thereby, leaving quite a few sectors as fall-back plans, the Agricultural sector, leading the list, thus, with this empowerment towards the Agricultural sector, there is still a very great possiblity of striking a balance on the world’s lagging Economy.

We had earlier reported that Okechukwu had sponsored a Full mentorship program for Artists, in collaboration with CENTURY RECORDS and UGAMATV. Also, ongoing is a craftmanship training for his constituents at CEDI Enugu, where they being taught various skills such as Mechatronics, ICT, Welding, Furniture making etc.

The Facilitator of the Event, Dr. Ed. Ishiwu, explained to our Correspondents, that they have a plan to institute Clusters of practice amongst the participants, hence encouraging centralization of interests towards a soaring Snail rearing Farming.

In his Speech, Okechukwu said “The major aim is to make sure that our people has the skills and knowledge to survive, giving persons hand downs would not take them away from poverty but giving them a skill builds a way of living for them, that is why we have trained about one hundred of our constituents, on how to benefit from certain incentives being given by the Federal government to exploit the environment and opportunities that various schemes by central bank of Nigeria offers including the anchor borrowing.”

“All these I do is a part of my mandate, it is my mandate to represent my people so if I see any beneficial input that I will make in their life, I will do so.”

“You know I lived and understand this environment, we know this environment, we grew up into agriculture, it’s not something that we were taught it is a part of our life, Agriculture gives you the hands-on opportunity to get involved in it, whether you are living close by or not, Snail farming can be done in the corner of one’s apartment, it doesn’t matter if you own the house or not, it is something that can be done with little startup, it just needs dampness in the cage, try also to avoid the growth threats like ants and reptiles, acknowledge the uses as well as the growth enhancers.”

“Formerly, while practicing snail farming we were often exposed to the harm as we went through bushes to fetch the snails, now you are being taught to rear it yourself without getting in harm’s way, Agriculture is bringing us in tune with our environment, to appreciate what we have, we don’t use up to 95% of our God given potential, we use only about 5% of it. Nobody knew the opportunities this could offer including fish farming, I am glad we have brought them to the know. We create the world if possiblity for people to believe, Agriculture is the in thing, it brings the hands-on opportunity for everyone, there are opportunities, Government are focusing on it too, it is one of the things you can easily get in to, it’s quite productive and lucrative, we want our area to specialize in certain things, Everyone followed a status quo which made them a jack of all trades, but now we have adopted specialization, there is nothing wrong with our people specializing in Fish farming and Snail farming.”

“Almost 70% of the fish consumed in eastern Nigeria is cultivated in the South, so we can improve our fortune because the opportunity and the market is there.”

Subsequently, the participants were Certified and Funded to Kickstart a Snail farming venture, as well allied to mentorship facilities to avail Intellectual Support for them.

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