Anambra poll: Intercede for us, Bianca Ojukwu writes late husband

Bianca Ojukwu, widow of the late Igbo leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, has called on her husband to intercede for the people of Anambra as their governorship election is held on Saturday.

She wrote an open letter to him via her Facebook page, to commemorate her late husband’s birthday on Thursday.

Bianca called on her late husband, the patriarch of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, to intercede for the party as the election draws near.

In the letter titled ‘Letter to Dim Ojukwu On The Upcoming Anambra Elections on this Symbolic Birthday Anniversary’, the widow also added that she was filled with concern concerning the party conducts.

She wrote, “It is with a heavy heart that I make this communication with your noble soul, now resident in the heavenly realms, on this occasion of your birthday anniversary, and literally on the eve of the Gubernatorial Elections in your beloved state, Anambra.

“I am filled with concern and anxiety about the current state of the legacy you left us;our party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance.

“Today I hear the bells tolling, and the chimes send shivers down my spine.
Today, chaos reigns supreme in our once stable party; our party faithful are despondent and embittered; and many of them have taken their fate in their own hands by bolting away from our party like rats deserting a sinking ship.”

While stating that the state Governor, Willie Obiano, has ‘hijacked’ the party, Bianca also hailed her husband for fighting for the party

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“You stood for justice and equity, and fought relentlessly for the protection of your people, for the poor and the downtrodden . Yet, these party leaders always chose to play dumb in any critical issue affecting our people , neither did they condemn the unjust imprisonment and wanton killings of their Igbo brothers.

“Nna Anyi (our father), they removed your image from our party uniform, boldly labeling you a dead man who was no longer relevant, even to the beloved party you nurtured.” (sic)

She described the coming poll as an “electoral battlefield with untreated sores”, asking her husband to come and intercede for the party.

“The eleventh hour is upon us. Please intercede for us. We are advancing into this electoral battlefield with untreated sores and bleeding wounds, but with our heads held high,” she said.

Mrs Ojukwu had earlier shunned the APGA campaign kick-off for its candidate, Chukwuma Soludo, and had blamed Obiano as her reason for absence.

Bianca had stated that Obiano once described her husband as a “dead man who was no longer relevant to the party.”

She also accused the Governor  and party leaders of removing Ojukwu’s face from the party logo.

Despite her comments, APGA members are hopeful that she’ll vote for Soludo in the forthcoming elections.

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