Tragedy has struck in Awgu town of Awgu local government area of Enugu state, as a truck belonging to a Company, though yet to be identified, crashed into a long school bus bearing both Nursery and primary school pupils, as Well as Staff of the School, killing Many leaving few in Critical condition, UGAMATV reports.

The Fatal Collision between the truck and the School bus belonging to Presentation Nursery and Primary school, Awgu, an early years school owned by the catholic diocese of Awgu, was said to have occured between the hours of 4pm and 4:30pm, at Nkwo Awgu Junction in Awgu local government area of Enugu state.

UGAMATV learnt that the said company truck, which was plying the Oji-Awgu road, the Mmaku-Awgu axis, had a break failure and Charged into the School bus from a hill in Mmaku Awgu local government area of Enugu state.

An eye witness, Kingsley Ogbonna confirmed to UGAMATV that a Mechanic, Vulcanizer, Motorcyclist, Staff and numerous pupils of the School (numbers, yet to be certified) were confirmed dead in the scene of the accident.

Several others in severe conditions were however, rushed to the University of Nigeria teaching hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu and Jideofor hospital Awgu Enugu, where they are currently battling with their lives.

The dead bodies as well as the patients were yet to be identified at the time of this report.

The Police is yet to answer our calls or return our texts as pertains this report.

Details later…

Crashed School bus
Crashed School bus
Causative Truck with break failure
Staff and pupil dead in the accident Scene
School bus Accident victims
Dead pupil

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