citizens raise concern over deplorable state of school in enugu

Central School Affa have given parents of its pupils a cause for concern as they lament the terrible condition of the school enviironment as pupils struggle to survive harsh learning environment

UGAMATV learned that one of the two buildings in the government owned school has dilapidated and abandoned.

Our correspondent was informed that the abandoned structure was the one housing from primary four to primary six pupils.

Speaking with a resident of the area, Onyedikachi Onudugu, he revealed that the primariy four to six pupils were pulled out of the dilapidated structure saying that “notwistanding that the vice Chairman of the their local government hailed from the community, both the local government authority and state government abandoned to fix the school”.

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Another member of the community, Ugwu Benjamin said some of the things they do to sustain the school were community efforts.

“We repair the ceiling, and even the roof each time wind brew the roof all by community efforts” Benjamin said.

Meanwhile, the teachers who do not want to speak to our correspondent, resisted taking snapping of photos, and video recording.

Observing that the school premises has no peripheral fence, dilapidated structures, no door or window, UGAMATV also learned that sometimes the school was invaded by pasturing herdsmen.

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