Do You Know That The Colors You Wear Says A Lot About You?

The kind of color you love says a lot about the kind of person you are, Color holds power.

Colors can impact our moods, emotions and behavior.

These are some colours and what they stand for.


This is my favorite color, black represents power, luxury, and sophistication. It also represents death, evil, and mystery.

You can wear a bright color against black or combine it with white for a bold and simple statement.


The green color is associated with wealth and stability. When it comes to nature, green represents plant life and growth.

Consequently used to convey being ‘green’ in the environmental, sustainable, organic, natural sense of the word.

Be sure to pick your shade of green carefully as brighter, lighter greens indicate growth, vitality, and renewal.

Darker, richer greens represent prestige, wealth, and abundance.


Red is hot! I love red but I only wear it when I want to make a statement. It is considered to be a color of intense emotions.

These emotions could be anger, danger, love, hate, passion, and sexuality.

Red is regarded as the color of happiness, wellbeing, and good fortune, so always consider the context.

Its no surprise that red forms part of almost every celebration. Christmas, Birthdays as well as weddings.


As a teenager, i lived in a pink world. Pink, especially baby pink is very feminine.

Pale pink is often aimed at little girls, dusty pink is more sentimental or romantic, while hot pink indicates youthfulness.


I love orange colour too, my room is painted orange. It’s just so beautiful.

Orange communicates activity and energy. No wonder i am so energetic!

It is associated with fun and vibrancy is well suited to youthful, energetic brands and best avoided for luxury, traditional or serious brands.


White represents simplicity, purity, innocence, and perfection.

Most offices are painted white because it represents simplicity, purity, and transparency.

Just like black, white represents power and can go with any color.


Yellow brings happiness. If you want to make a statement, go with yellow because it is the most visible color from a distance.

This joyful color communicates cheerfulness, friendliness, joy, and energy.


Blue represents royalty, art, military, business, and nature. This is the colour of the sky.

Go blue baby and the sky will be your limit.

The blue color convey reliability, trustworthiness, and communication, no wonder companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Samsung use it.

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