Coming 2 America: Zamundan Palace in movie is rapper Rick Ross’ real-life house

Coming 2 America film producers have disclosed the location where the movie was shot . Turns out they shot the film at rapper Rick Ross’ home in Georgia, Atlanta.

The production designer said the team was looking for an area that could help them create all those spaces that were featured in the script , The rapper’s house has 12 bedrooms and a dining room that can accommodate up to 100 People.

Coming 2 America has been getting so much buzz, and aside from the celebrities featured in the film, the Zamundan Palace has been the point of amusement for most people.It is now confirmed that while Zamunda is a fictional place, the location of the shooting is actually hip hop rapper Rick Ross’s actual home in Georgia, Atlanta. There were people who thought that the main actual shoot was filmed somewhere in Africa.

The production settled on the rapper’s gigantic, beautiful home with good green scenery. It has 12 bedrooms and a dining room that can accommodate up to 100 people. “Our big problem was, where do we find a house that had the scale of the possibilities for a very lavish palace?” Asked the production designer Jefferson Sage.

However, before the production team settled for the Maybach Music owner’s estate, they looked at various houses within the US, but nothing was matching their desired description, until they saw the rapper’s home.

According to the production designer, the entrance foyer of the house had a big two-story interior and double-winding staircase and was perfect for the film.

“Off of that, there were two beautiful big rooms with giant windows and 18-foot ceilings. We used five key spaces that we turned into Zamunda,” he added.

Among those five key spaces included the film’s primary sets like the King’s bedroom, the dining room and the primary bedroom which was actually the Money Bag’s hit maker’s own bedroom. Rick Ross has however said that the popular film is one of his favourite adding that the initial one made in 1988 was his all-time best film. He also shared how thrilled he was to see veteran actors like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall coming to his home to shoot their film.

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