When you fall in with the right person, it’s the most beautiful thing anyone can experience. You just want to spend time with this person, sometimes you wonder how you managed to live without him/her before. Crazy right? yes, love is crazy.

Before you settle please lookout for these things.
It goes without saying that sex is very important in a relationship and can create big divides between couples if desires are not met.
Physical attraction and intimacy wane over time with all relationships so couples have to put in efforts to keep it alive in order to have a great intimate life for many years.

Can we have boundaries?
Be clear about what would make each of you feel unsafe, disrespected, or disinterested. Ask questions like, Are there things I might do that would make you want to end the relationship? What is the worst thing a woman/man can do to you?
That way you will know his/her boundaries.
The problem is that people never set boundaries until they upset that one has been crossed.

What can we do to feed our relationship?
Just like humans, relationships need to be fed in order to grow, talk about your needs as a partner, as well as an individual.
We all have needs that we would like to be met within our relationships like support, honesty, and date nights, and all. These are our bonding needs.

Money is one of the major reason why there is friction in need to be able to handle money as a couple.
Discuss what you need; do we need to have a joint account, do we need to save money individually, is there an amount of money that we can save considering the income?
Agree on spending and saving strategy

How many children are we going to have?
If you’re in a serious relationship that could lead to marriage, you need to get on the same page.
you need to plan ahead, having a family without a plan is risky.

When can we have alone time; away from work?
your career should not affect your relationship; find time to go on vacation and renew your love. If you spend a lot of time at work, do well to pre-inform your partner so they can be mentally prepared for your absence.

I wish you love and Happiness.

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