“DNA Test Is Not For Nsukka Men, We Are Covered By God’s Grace” – Man Says

A Nigerian man has stated that DNA test is not for men from Nsukaa in Enugu state because they are covered by culture.

According to him, men from Nsukka are covered by God’s grace and can’t fall victim of paternity fraud.

The issue on whether a DNA test is compulsory has been a hot one in Nigeria, due to recent high profile cases of paternity fraud.

Darlington Chinazam Kamsy, reacting to the trend said that conducting DNA test on children is meant for men from Nsukka in Enugu state.

According to him, men from Nsukka, do not need to take their children for DNA test as they are covered by culture and God’s grace.

He Wrote;

“I’m from Nsukka in case u don’t know. We have culture, we are smart and above all we are highly hospitable… DNA test is not for Nsukka man bcus we are covered by culture and by Gods grace .

Good morning umuoma Jesus… Greetings from NSK. Nsukka Deejeeee nuooo”

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