Ebubeagu Security Network Dose not exist, Their operatives can not be found in any community in S/E-iNc
Men of EBUBEAGU Security Network

The Igbo National Council, INC, says the EBUBEAGU Security outfit set up by the Southeast governors does not exiit and can not be found in any of the south east states.

INC, President Chilos Godsent, stated this to newsmen in Owerri, while reacting to the resignation of the Chairman Southeast Security Committee, Abel Umahi.

Godsent said among other things that the formation of Ebubeagu falls contrary to the traditional security arrangement in Igboland.

According to INC, “The Igbo National Council (INC) read without surprise the news of the sudden resignation of General Abel Umahi as the Chairman of the Ebubeagu Security Network. You will note that the initiative of the formation of the Ebubeagu Security Network was the initiative of the Fulani Ruling Cabal of the Federal Government of Nigeria meant to counterfeit the IPOB driven Eastern Security Network (ESN) and the INC driven Operation Ije Agu.

“We had earlier raided the fear of the people of the Igbo Nation that the formation of the Ebubeagu Security Network by the Governors of the South East Region is the prescription of the Fulani Ruling Cabal of the Federal Government and not in adherence with the culture of the Igbo Nation.

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“The operation of Ebubeagu will be counterproductive to the traditional security architecture of the Igbo Nation and will cause the increment of insecurity in the Igbo Nation because the principle of operation Ebubeagu negates the existing traditional security protocol of the Igbo Nation States.”

It was INC, view that, “The excuse of lack of funding by the South East Zone state governments as stated by General Abel Umahi is malicious and not acceptable by INC, Consequent upon the above.

“We wish to state that the Ebubeagu Security Network of the South-East Governors has failed in its entirety to address the security challenges in the Southeast zone rather the Ebubeagu has compromised the security of the Igbo Nation States. From the realities on the ground, the Ebubeagu Security Network only exist on the pages of newspapers as their operatives can not be found in any community in the Igbo Nation States.”

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