#EndSARS a decisive issue for 2023 elections, says group

The group Center for Advancement of Civil Liberties and Development has called on Nigerians to consider the #EndSARS agenda as a serious requirement to elect new leaders in the 2023 elections.

In a statement on Tuesday by the Co-convener, Center for Liberty, Ariyo-Dare Atoye, the group said #EndSARS should be taken as a serious issue noting the prevalence of police brutality and the refusal of elected leaders to take decisive action against it.

He said, “We continue to record high incidents of police brutality owing to the failure and insensitivity of the leadership that is obviously not committed to addressing this problem.

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“That is why we must put #EndSARS on the ballot in 2023 and make it a decisive issue for the next set of leaders in the Executive and Legislative arms.”

Atoye also stated that the first anniversary of #EndSARS should be the reason Nigerians seek change in leadership through the ballot.

“As we mark the first anniversary of #EndSARS, this is the time to take this movement ‘from street to ballot’ and seek the leadership that will enter a binding pact with Nigerians on how to address police brutality and other cases of human rights abuses,” he added.

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