#ENDSARS: “A National solution, necessary to deal with our current problem.”, SAYS ENUGU REP.

THE Deputy Minority leader, House of Representatives, RT. Hon. Toby Okechukwu, has stated that Nigeria needs a national solution not an ad-hoc one to deal with the Country’s Current Situation.

This he said, while asking the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) to address the Nigerian Citizens on the Situation that has Warranted the #endsars protest.

During his speech in a Plenary Session on Wednesday, Okechukwu stated that the protest can easily be hijacked by hoodlums which will result to unnecessary Mayhem.

Okechukwu, Who represents the Awgu, Aninri and Oji river Federal constituency, reiterated that the case of Banditry has been incessantly experienced in Nigeria for no fewer than ten years now, particularly in Northeastern part of the Country, However, the current protest has exposed the crimes clearly.

He then, Enjoined the Executive to set action plans which will be communicated to the Mass during a long overdue address.

The address, he said should be done to show understanding while strategically presenting a national solution rather than Ad-hoc and possibly ephemeral remedies.

He said, “I want to express my support over prayers that have been canvassed on this motion on the need for us and for the executive to take concerning actions regarding the challenges of citizenship and the challenges our constituents go through, as at last week,”

” we referred to certain sections that will be re-tooled by this parliament, of the constitution to make people personally responsible and liable for the in-auspicious actions or acts of brutality, I think in furtherance of that, the president and the executive, having committed to address some of the issues that have been raised,”

” I think it is important that timeline should be set, so that citizens will know what to expect, this no longer a time we take actions and observe the mass, the responsibility of the parliament, which the adhoc committee will do is to oversight the executive, on the commitments that they have made, that is why I align myself with the spirit and letter of the motion.”

“More importantly there have been efforts to baptize this #endsars, it is not difficult for it to be suddenly be hijacked by hoodlums, whether planted or occasioned, but most of the time, when you start debating an issue or something comes up in the Nigerian public, you’ll find out that certain crimes are being committed in certain sections of the country.”

“We have been witnessing close to ten years of banditry and killings, particularly in the Northeast and other sections of the country, when it is happening in your own side, other people thinks it doesn’t happen, now you have young people from The southern part of country exposed in Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt and the rest, people stand on the streets to search people’s phones searched, not occasioned by law nor police training and protocol involved by the police force.those actions are not allowed. What we see is a situation where certain prevailing situations exist. What we need as leaders is to think through.”

” Sometimes it is very convenient to quote our founding fathers, we quote Nnamdi Azikiwe, quote Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, as at the time they found solutions to the problem of our country, most of them were our ages,  what is expected from leadership both at the Assembly and the executive, is to think through what our problems are, and make sure we find a national solution to them. If there are privileged situations there is no need baptizing them, by section, religion or any means necessary.”

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“It is a Nigerian solution that is necessary to deal with our problem. If as a Parliament, we need to retool our laws to be better, we need to do that, but at the interim, a promissory note at the demand by the endsars ,the executive has given a promissory note but they need to give a timeline within which those demands will be met.”

“The president should ordinarily address us, talk to the citizens to show understanding after which he will say the various action plans to accomplishing some of these demands, so I think the point to make is that the president in his address to the nation will establish the way forward, we will listen to him, and based on that the unfortunate passion with which some of these issues are being addressed will be understood.”

” There will be no need to rush to any ad-hoc arrangements like SWAT , some of these things are inauspicious, we need to address the issue as a nation.”

Watch the full video here

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