Enugu Got Talent: Audition RESULTS are Finally in

The results for the Auditions of the Enugu Got Talent show duly sponsored by the Deputy Minority leader, House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu are finally in.

UGAMATV had earlier reported that the lawmaker, Okechukwu had once again taken to investment into human development, especially in harnessing the God-given talents in the youths of his constituency, by sponsoring a fully funded Musical talent show.

This is to encourage these youths towards embracing an honourable source of livelihood, also to direct them towards embracing their affinity and passion for the creative industry.

One CHUKWUDI CHUKWUDINMA “DON CHUDI”, who has practiced Hip-hop for about fifteen years, laid emphasis on the need for raw talents to inculcate the habit of embracing a particular genre of music, while envisaging stardom.

It however experienced the appearance of veteran artists of Nigerian Music industry, the likes of Mr Raw AKA Nigga Raw, Paulino the “Qualified Doctor” singer, J-Money music, an Urban Gospel artists, Don Colonel a Renowned Music Producer, as well as others whom served in the capacity of Judges.

“Nigga Raw” had expressed his gratification during an exclusive Interview with UGAMATV, towards the performance of the up and coming  artists, that performed live in the ongoing show.

In his words, as a Judge of the show, he stated categorically that Enugu has always been a base of untapped fantastic talents, he is however grateful for such a platform for growth and grooming for such artists.

“Music can be used to inform, entertain and teach, I am very impressed to see that several youths are learning to embrace their talents, I however, tell whoever wins this show to not adopt the habit of laxity towards his career growth, as his talent might have brought him thus far but it takes hardwork and grace to go farther”,

“I also encourage those who might not win to work harder and continues trying, as quitting only means running from one’s dreams and goals, strive to triumph”, he admonished the artists.

Paulino, the “Qualified Doctor” singer, also communicated his heartfelt pleasure towards such a platform, designed to encourage and support the dreams of these young talents.

In his terms, he said, “If only we had such encouraging and mentoring avenues during our days of little beginnings, we could have been better and made better music, as such, these artists should count themselves lucky to have been involved in this”.

However, he advised on the need for utmost preparations in the parts of the artists, as it will be a shame for them to get on stage without giving a substantial and worth-the-while Performance.

Otunba lyrics, the Anchor of the event from Enugu’s Dream FM, also commended the great Vision bearer of this initiative, he however reiterated the immense importance of preparedness in the show-biz, as No one knows where he could encounter the person whom could aid in kick-starting a great Musical Career.

Subsequently, Hon. Tochukwu Chukwu, the Chief Executive Officer of UGAMATV and Century Records, as well as the Convener and Chief organizer of the event, appreciated the great Sponsorship from the Desk of the Lawmaker, Okechukwu, stating that these artists will be eternally grateful for such a platform.

He then stated that the twenty persons that will be chosen from the auditions will be mentored, taught, Groomed and sponsored till the date of the Grand Finale, after which there is a possibility of Signing into Cent-Records, all in a bid to foster a great Musical Career.

The show was judged based on appearance, delivery, content/lyrics as well as presentation and discipline as regards to obedience to stipulated rules and regulations.

Speaking to our Correspondents on the aim of the Show, the Lawmaker said, “Actually, it is meant to boost the creative capacity of our younger artists, we hosted the upcoming ones in the community in the December of 2019, they often accoust me to give them an opportunity to engage in the production of their music.”

“Each have potential but lack the resources to practice, we felt they should be groomed collectively, thus we partnered with UGAMATV and Century Records to actualise this.”

“We will watch and see how they will turn out after a month of incubation, and have them practice on their potentials and capacity, which will get them to become more renowned artists.”

“It is aimed to encourage and support them. By the final stage in December, we will see those who have the will and zeal to succeed.”

“It is also aimed to empower those with talent from my own immediate constituency and Enugu at large, this also include people from other states whom are resident in Enugu, We do not create borders here.”

Continuing he said, “Again, I wouldn’t say that this is the maiden edition, as we had such entertainment show in the community, where I saw their incredible talents and decided to build a sustainable approach towards it, hence, this edition. we will take them as they come, encouraging them in this regard, whether Annually or every six months, we will keep grooming these talents.”

“We have always invested in human capital development, encouraging Certain farming practices, in my jurisdiction, the topography is quite Challenging, the reason why we go into things like, small scale Agricultural practices, Apiculture, Fishery, Basically Practices that wouldn’t require large capital and lots of land, since we last clemency in geography and topography. So we are trying to harness and make do with our areas of competence.”

“We also send participants to Agencies like Scientific Equipment Development institute “SEDI” AKWUKE, Enugu. We have about thirty constituents undergoing skills training therein. After training, they’ll be given kits and support to Kickstart a business with their acquired skills.”

“We have partnered with some level of mentorship platforms, from several resource persons which is geared towards growing enterprises, to ensure that the opportunities offered by CBN are adequately utilized.”

“The First requirement is to have a skill and a scope of practice. SEDI and these resource persons are to groom the Trainees to stand a chance of partaking in the CBN packages.”

All contestants are hereby advised to pay attention to their mobile phones as text messages will be sent across to the Chosen artists for further mentorship.

Successful list of candidates who participated in the Enugu got talent Audition sponsored by Hon. Toby Okechukwu Deputy minority leader Federal house of representatives. (Representing Oji, Awgu and Aninri)

S/N   Name        Reg No  State.         LGA                 Phone No

1.   Anthony Obidike. 054      Anambra  Nkwellezunka     07034310176

2.  Gabriel Samuel       008       Enugu        Awgu       07087030010       
3.Emmanuel  Kennedy 007.    Ebonyi.     Ikwo Abakaliki  07060768549

  1. Akachukwu Paul I.    010.    Enugu        Aninri.     08076278507   
  2. Bright Legacy Aniagu 015  Enugu.       Awgu.      08142285718   
    6.Bright Obialor               043. Abia          Isuochi.     09030154463   
    7.Ugwu Jude Neche     013.   Enugu       UDI.            07069395395

8.Mbah Onyedikachi.  039.    Enugu.     Aninri.      09040274697  

  1. Nsude Kennedy.       031.    Enugu.      Enugu South. 09062325092

10.Chukwuemeka C.C. 040.   Anambra.  Abagana     08063539173    
11.Omelihu Oluebube 058    Abia            Obi Ngwa  07033159926     
12.Chieyinne Richard O 014 Enugu.       Uzo-uwani   09018034564    

  1. Ejiofor Ifesinachi L   022  Awgu       Obeagu      08121411169       
    14 Orjiezoke Daniel      012. Enugu.           Awgu.   07011994363    
  2. Onoh Ifeanyi J         050. Enugu      Udi.    08167623292     
    16.   John Kalu              057   Abia         Ohafia     07064697512    
  3. Okolo Johnson.       019  Enugu     Awgu       08169988774   
  4. Chika Joshua       035.    Enugu   Aninri        09035069752         
    19.  Ifeanyichukwu U. 028.    Enugu    Awgu      08032408749           

20.  Akachukwu Daniel 021 Enugu.    Awgu         08134906991 
21.  Chukwudinma  C.   001  Enugu.  Oji                08031517657         

  1. Okoye Emmanuel.    009     Enugu  Awgu.    0871323789         
  2. Madu shedrack        047 Enugu Awgu           07067133853
  3. Chukwuwa Oluoma    002. Enugu Awgu.      08163946705  
    25.Chukwubuisi E.N.        006. Enugu. Awgu      08089149709   
  4. Hojoli Davison.         030 Enugu.  Awgu        07081386990

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