The Member representing Aninri constituency in Enugu state house of Assembly, Hon Okwu Chinedu has asked the Federal government to consider the possibility of sustenance for the outgoing beneficiaries of Npower,batch A and B.

This is to avoid discharging them into an already saturated labour market. He beseeched the federal government to provide a fall back plan for the ougoing participants.This can be achieved through developing atransitional program for them.

He revealed this via a press statement, where he stated that the aim of the federal government for commencing the program will be thwarted, it will also bring a hike in the rate of security breach nationwide.

Futhermore, the gains and successes recorded through the scheme will be defeated and brought to its lowest point.

The honourable,whom is also chairman of the house committee on security, youths and sports, has always shown an affinity towards the welfare of the youths and their security.

Continually speaking, hon. Otaka said that this is a very inadequate and wrong time to lay off these beneficiaries, as the government at all levels are struggling to make provision for palliatives, giving the emergence of the COVID19, which was followed by the lockdown and sit-at-home policies.

He however, advised the unemployed youths of Enugu state to register for the Npower program, provided that they are yet to partakein the scheme.

He extended his appeal to the ministry of Humanitarian affairs to be maganimous and kind during their selection process, noting that Enugu state deserves a special attentions, alledging that very few previous participants were chosen from Enugu state.

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