Enugu lawmaker to support over 100 youths and women with SKILLs And Trade in Enugu

Enugu lawmaker, Hon Johnson  Okwudilichukwu  Chukwuobasi  has pledged   to  support  over 100 youths and women who are into skill and trade business in its maiden programme tagged  “HON JOHNSON YOUTH WITH SKILLS/TRADE SUPPORT PROGRAME”

Chukwuobasi, who represents Awgu  south State Constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly stated this on Monday   when  he spoke to ugamatv in an exclusive  interview. 

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He added that the functionality, growth and development of any community lies on the youths, adding that their active participation in skills and businesses  could be a better means of reducing youth restiveness and reduction of poverty in the society. 

Hon Johnson, who is also the House Committee Chairman on  Poverty Reduction, MDGS/SDGS, stated also that his arm for organising the event is to  presents to the Teaming Youths  of Awgu South Constituency with great opportunities for self-actualization with the programe.

“Maiden programmes  of such is initiated by my humble self, i intend to capture at least 100 people in this first phase, 50 youths and 50 women across the six wards in Awgu  south state constituency. 

“Out of the hundred people , we will share  it among the wards  so it can get to everyone, if you in business  already  and  domiciled in Awgu, then you are qualified  to pick the form” he stated.

The lawmaker further stated that  the support programe which shall be  strictly   for  only those domciled in Awgu is  to enable those in the  rural areas who dont have much capital to finance and expand their business to do so.

Adding that why the programe is strictly for those in the rural area is because  each time there is such programes, many people  return from wherever  they are to grab the opportunity  while those domiciled in the communities are denied the opportunities.

“This programme  is strictly for those domiciled  in Awgu and not for indigens  of Awgu who resides in the urban cities  or other states. 

“Each time there is such programes, many people  return from wherever  they are to grab the opportunity  while those domiciled in the communities are denied the opportunities.

“This are the people who we run to each time there is any need, each time there is election or any problem, we call on them.

“I believe  this will also jmprove the economy  of my constituency in general he stated.

He therefore urged youths, women in awgu utilize the opportunity  to better their lives and businesses  as it will be truely fair for everyone.

” go to Awgu Local government Council Headquarters,  Office of the Chairman’s SPA on special duties.  C/o Mr Euzibus Okolo. From Monday 5th July 2021 for the  collection  of forms as selection of beneficiaries shall be  strictly on completion of the application form. Statin that  qualified youths  will be contacted on or before 8th July.

“You don’t  need to know anybody before you can pick the form, you dont need any connection or anything, all you need is to have an   already  existing  business  you are doing, then  just go to the local  government headquarters, pick the form, fill it, following  all the instructions  and submit. Those who successfully  completed  the forms will be contacted. ” he said.

According to the the Hon Chukwuobasi, the programme  which is dated to  begin on friday 9th july, 2021, shall be a historic event in Awgu local government headquarters.

He  therefore, extended  his Invitation to all the  stakeholders of Awgu,  Traditional Rulers, PG’s of Autonomous Communities among others , say “they are graciously invited “

Chukwu cheta gi, cheta onye ozo!

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