Enugu OMATA call for urgent Govt Intervention as insecurity heightened around the market place

The Executives of the Ogbete Market Amalgamated traders association OMATA has raised  alarm over the worsening  insecurity  situation around the market place caused by some hoodlums normally  known as ‘Born throw way’ 

Speaking to some journalists in Enugu,  the Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Cosmos  Ejike stated that the various incriminating activities  going on in  front of the market place normally known as Holy Ghost, along the Rail axis is  becoming worrisome

Stating that the activities  of those guys called ‘Born throw way’ has become a very serious  menace  in the face of the market.

According  to the chairman, “We dont have much problem  inside the market but it is outside the market, Holy Ghost that we are having serious  security challenge.

“The activities  of this guys has caused the death of many while others attacked and their  belongings  been taken away 

“We need the security  agencies,  like the Police, civil defence, Army to intervene in this situation as it is beyond our ability” he stated.

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The Chief Securiy Office, CSO of Ogbete main market Enugu, Ezebinagu  kasie justus who  attested to the activities  of the Born throw way guys stated that since the  inception of his office, there has been  reduction of crime rate  to 2 percent but the Holy ghost Rail way side has remained  a  problem to   them in the market

Stating that “it was still  the activities emanating from  this said guys that led to the death of their gang member  last two weeks in Ogbete main market where one of the group guys  chased one from their area of hide out to the open place and killed him, a situations  that caused tension in the market for close to two days.

“We started experiencing  their heart last year, though they dont come into the market but it is affecting the market activities,  Gqovernment  should please look into it.

“Their operation is worrisome, just from the hours  of  6:30 in the evening  to 7 oclock in the morning

“They are almost forming  a  confereternity group, they live and carry out their criminality  activities  their, i must say that they have established  a settlement  their.

“We beg that the security  agencies  to come to our rescue by  raiding  that vaccine to chase them away totally. 

Mrs Ngozi Nnamuoko, who is also a member of the Caretaker Committe,  also pleaded same thing, calling on security  agencies  to come and look into the matter

stating that,” i personally  think they have not done enough, i dont think those guys are  bigger or stronger than them that they cannot handle the case  adding that it is a  dent on the market name  and  Enugu state as a whole.

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