The Deputy Minority leader, house of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu has Attracted a cultural orientation, Sensitization and training program for his Constituency youths.

The program which was Organised by the the National Institute for cultural orientation NICO, is aimed at encouraging cultural practices in a bid to preserve our Cultural heritage.

Speaking at the Event, Dr. Nnanna Eze appreciated Okechukwu for bringing such thoughtful program to the reach of the youths, stating that it will create a better understanding of what culture entails thereby creating affinity towards cultural practices.

It was in his opening remark that Mike Ekeko, Director of research who represented the Executive Secretary of Nico, Ado Muhammed Yahuza, addressed the youths, with strong emphasis on the need for the government to impact on the youths in order to secure our future Generation.

“As a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of information, the program is aimed at providing innovative cultural training and Sensitization to bring about less of cultural violation, to enhance social Integration, unity and peaceful Co-existence, self reliance and national Development.”

Dr. Nnanna Nwangwu, in his words, he said, “Our future generation is our only way of ensuring sustainable development, it seems we are losing focus, but we ought to redirect our Resources to the Development of our younger generation.”

“Man is not an island, we most definitely have a source and have somewhere we are headed to, as such we can not survive on our own, our environment influences our position. Our immediate environment defines our behavior and our social interaction, including our beliefs and values.

“There is no way a man can be productive to the extent of being successful, if he fails to understand the tenets and factors that exists in the environment that influences his life directly and indirectly.”

“One of those factors which is extremely fundamental to man is culture, doing away with one’s culture is not advisable. Our culture is very rich, you shouldn’t be ashamed to portray it. our core values includes respect for elders, honesty, hardwork. Culture will help you to understand and harness your society.”

Lectures targeted at promoting the essence of culture towards personal and National Development were delivered to the attentive youths.

In a telephone conversation with our correspondents, Okechukwu appreciated the youths for honouring his probed their knowledge of the local and Cultural products which are domestically used. The youths showed great knowledge of those items.

Continuing, he said, “Our job as Representatives is to support and encourage you. This program ought to be bigger, involving several competitions to showcase our rich cultural heritage, I assure you that the next one shall be bigger and better than this one.”

He then admonished the youths to imbibe the constant use of their culture, she further urged the  to be proud of their cultural heritage, Enjoining them to do away with any manner of inferiority complex with regards the comparison of their culture to the others. “Every  culture has its relevance and perks, be proud of yours”, he said.

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