The Deputy Minority leader, House of representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu, had on Wednesday hosted a delegation of constituents from Awgunta town of Awgu local government area of Enugu state, UGAMATV reports.

The delegates who were from a welfare group under the aegis of Adogba Awgunta welfare group had visited the lawmaker in his Enugu residence.

The visit was aimed at conveying the community’s appreciation to Okechukwu, for his quality representation at the National assembly.

However, amid the gratitude, the group tendered some requests to the lawmaker, hoping that he comes to their aid.

In a letter addressee to Okechukwu and cosigned by the executives of the group, they implored on the lawmaker to attract the construction of a community road, “the Adogba Awgunta road.”

Our correspondent gathered that, Adogba Community of Awgunta town, houses about 60% of the general population of Awgunta Town.

The construction of the Adogba Awgunta road by the reason of that has become extremely pertinent as it leads to several landmarks of the town which includes, Central school Awgunta, Awgunta health center, St. Augustine’s Church, Assemblies of God Church Awgunta, Winner’s Church as well as the General transformer. This road also leads to the palace of the traditional ruler, the Igwe of the Community.

Having outlined the need for this road, the group reminded the lawmaker that at a prior date, they had tabled this particular need to him, stating that he promised to take up the project in his Erosion control scheme.

If this is done, they said, ” it will mitigate or stop entirely the menacing effects of Erosion on the road and the community at large.”

They subsequently asked for more employment and empowerment programs for their youths.

The lawmaker, while addressing their requests, appreciated them for visiting, giving them a laudable welcome.

He then entertained their appeals by saying that he will adequately look into the possible construction of the road. He then urged them to access other government and political officers with similar request, hence, the construction of the road will be swift and prompt.

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