The Proposed First Edition of Enugu Got Talent, being Sponsored by The Deputy Minority leader, house of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu, has officially commenced with a the batch’s registration on Thursday, 12th November, 2020.

The auditions duly organized by UGAMATV in collaboration with CENTURY RECORDS, is aimed at fishing the best of the Musical talents embedded in the Awgu, Aninri, Oji river Federal constituency and Enugu state by extension.

UGAMATV had earlier reported that the lawmaker, Okechukwu had once again taken to investment into human development, especially in harnessing the God-given talents in the youths of his constituency, by sponsoring a fully funded Musical talent show.

This is to encourage these youths towards embracing an honourable source of livelihood, also to direct them towards embracing their affinity and passion for the creative industry.

One CHUKWUDI CHUKWUDINMA “DON CHUDI”, who has practiced Hip-hop for about fifteen years, laid emphasis on the need for raw talents to inculcate the habit of embracing a particular genre of music, while envisaging stardom.

CHARLES CHUKWEMEKA “CAPACINO”,also intimated UGAMATV that this auditions were being given to them Free of any charge, he however said that the organizers had initially warned the artists that it is an issue of fraud if anyone demands for any form of payment as pertains the Enugu Got Talent show.

The Show is already looking promising as several up and coming artists with substantial talents were seen registering for the big Auditions.

The auditions proper continues on the subsequent days at the same venue.

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