bone straight

Give To Others What You Can Give or Have Given To Yourself

This era of bone straight and iPhone 12 made this post necessary. You girls cannot kill these boys for me.

Why would ask a salary earner for bone straight? Has he taken care of his family and personal needs?

Unless he is a successful businessman, Biko leave the young man alone, don’t push him into dirty dealings.

Guys please if she demands more than you can offer, tell her that you can’t afford it. “sometime in the future but not now”

If she goes on and on about how she must have, tell her to chose between having those things and the relationship.

No sane woman will choose material things over a good man, however, if she is vain enough to do so, show her the door.

You deserve a girl who is well grounded or even someone who can buy anything she wants by herself.

Don’t entertain unneccessary pressure from anyone.

Sending you love and light.

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