Your personality plays a major role in the kind of career that you should pursue

What you like, What you hate, Changes you want to see in the world among other things should be the only deciding factor when chosing a career.

Not what your parents or the society want you to become.

If you hate to see people sick and would’ve love to do something about it then you should become a doctor.

If you wanna help people fix their minds then you should become a phycologist.

Let your personality guild you. I love writing and that’s why i am here.

Once you figure out what you want to become in line, it’s time to:

Obtain training
Obtaining required career training will take alot your time and efforts as you pursue a career.

Depending on the profession, you may be required to earn a college degree, complete vocational training, learn new skills, or complete an apprentice or internship.

Set realistic goals
Once you obtain a good amount of knowledge, you should set a good and achieve it little by little. It will not be easy reaching each goal, so be prepared to work hard, make adjustments when necessary, and remain committed.

Always set a time frame because goals are achievable when they’re defined, flexible, realistic, and attainable within a specified time period.

Explore other options

you can be good at three or four things. I love skincare line and I have one that is up and running. You can be a doctor as well as a business man. If you decide to go into business, do make out that to meet with professionals in that area and kick start.

Having more than one stream of income is a goal.

Narrow down your list
Eliminate careers that no longer interest you after thoroughly reviewing each one. You must not pursue everything that catches your interest. Narrow it down to two or three and pursue it with all thy might.

I wish all the best in your career.

Sending you love and light.

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