How to cook the Igbo-Ora recipe, Ilasa soup

Ilasa soup is native soup, peculiar to the Igbo-Ora people of Oyo state.

Recipe category: Food

Recipe cuisine: Local

Cooking method: Boiling

Recipe Yield: 10+ Nutrition

Indigenes of Igbo-Ora claim that the meal eaten with yam or cassava fufu will guarantee a woman’s delivery of twins.

Egusi (ground)

Akaun (Potash)

Iru (Locust beans)

Smoked fish

Okra leaves (tenderly plucked)

Salt and seasoning cube

“Water from the south west”

Ata obe din din stew

1. Wash and separate the pieces of fish.

2. Fill a pot with 4 cups of “water from the south western part of Nigeria” and boil. After it has started boiling, add the potash and locust beans.

3. While this is boiling, pluck the okra leaves. The technique for plucking the leaves to not to pull directly from the stem but give a space between stem and leaf before pulling. Gather the plucked leaves and slice.

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4. Add the leaves into the soup pot and use your ewedu broom to mix as you would do ewedu.

5. After this, add the ground egusi and allow to boil for a bit before mixing, else the melon will not set.

6. Then add a cooking spoon of palm oil, add salt and seasoning cubes.

Your soup should draw like ewedu. Put your stew on it and it is ready to served with amala, eba or pounded yam.

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