how to easily Create time for your loved ones
Personal Space

Some of us prefer being alone and it hurts those who really love us, why not create space for them?

The moment you are able to determine if this person truly cares about you, make out some time for him/her.

We all need one or two good friends in this life, some of the things you focus on while alone can only do so much.

You need a support system, someone you can talk to. You need family. I know some of us have been hurt. Some tried to use your situation against you.

It’s understandable that your walls are so high now and that you have developed a thick skin.

Start by getting to know some of them, do a girls night out, watch movies together; you never can tell.

It may turn out to be that you have been missing out on great friendship. 2021 is a good time to start.

2020 taught us a lot, you can teach people kindness and love through your actions, only if you create space.

Before now, you have to be family or a love interest to be able visit me but ive met a few people who are great and i am going to give a shot.

I recommend personal space in working environments, you don’t have to be all up in my business because we work together.

Shift small abeg.

Maintain a healthy person space but don’t keep everyone out. Find a way to balance it.

We need each other.

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