How To Look Powerful In All-Black Outfits

Black is a very dynamic colour. You would not find it on the colour wheel as it absorbs all light in the colour spectrum.

The colour black means many things to many people swinging from positive to negative. But for those that understand and know how to use it, black represents power, mystery, fear, strength and sophistication. This is why so many people choose to don black clothing when attending a fancy event.

Nothing speaks power like a man in a black tuxedo. Or elegance like a woman in a black dinner gown. Be it a formal occasion or a casual hang out with friends, an all-black outfit would create a powerful impression.


All black everything
A head-to-toe black outfit never runs out of style. Go for the classic monochrome style with a black shirt on black pants, now pair it with a black Oxford shoe. Classic, yeah?

Tiwa Savage

Not the footwear they expected
Finish your all-black outfit with a white shoe or sneakers, it’s the perfect contrast your outfit needs.

Ini Edo

Add a contrasting accessory
Don’t just steal the show with your all-black outfit, add an accessory that provides a bit of contrast to the ensemble and have people staring. A red purse would do the magic. Red is a great colour to pair against black because of how strong and eye-catching it is.

Mai Atafo

Mix different texture
Play with different texture for your outfit. To keep things interesting, you’ll want to pair different textures together. You want to play with different fabrics such as denim, leather, silk, lace, and velvet.



Lily Afe

Akin Faminu

Ebuka Obi Uchendu

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