Ukwa popularly known as Bread fruit in English is a very popular meal in Nigeria especially the Eastern part . In the Igboland Ukwa is a very important meals especially in Occasions like Weddings, Chieftaincy titles, Dedications etc.

Here is and easy recipe for preparing Ukwa with much ease.


  • Bread fruit (Ukwa)
  • Dried fish
  • Salt to taste
  • Stock cube
  • Edible potash
  • Palm oil
  • Black pepper
  • Grounded cry fish

Steps for preparing Ukwa

Step one: Before you cook your Ukwa, if it’s dried make sure to soak it in cold water over night. But if the Ukwa is fresh do not put it in the water over night . Once you have brought it out of the water wash thoroughly and make sure there is no sand in it.

Step two: When you are done washing, put the Ukwa in a sizeable pot, add alot of water to the ukwa and edible potash(it helps to cook fast).Add the already washed dried fish to the Ukwa and cook till its soft. The Ukwa is ready when the seeds are soft enough to press, but if it’s not soft you can add more water.

Step three:

Add palm oil ,pepper, crayfish,and salt to taste. Leave the ukwa on fire for a while to cook till the Ukwa is yellow .

your Ukwa is ready to serve.

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