How To Prepare Spicy Ukpaka Dish

Some meals can’t help but look the same. Yet, the saying applies, ‘the taste is the difference’.

Just like the African salad – Abacha, Ukpaka takes the same steps in preparation. So, if you are an Abacha lover, you definitely will have a new lover soon.

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Ukpaka, popularly known as Ugba is simply what you know as oil bean seed which has been cooked – for long hours and shredded.

3 cups of Ukpaka
½ cup of palm oil
1 teaspoon powdered edible potash
2 tablespoon of ground crayfish
2 big pieces of kpomo (cow skin)
½ teaspoon of ogiri (Igbo seasoning made from castor seed)
1 piece of habanero pepper (atarodo)
1 medium sized stockfish
10 piece of big sized crayfish (not dried prawns)
1 big sized onions
A handful of garden egg leaves
2 cubes of seasoning
Salt to taste

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