How to prepare the soup of kings, Ofe Owerri

This soup is nicknamed “jewel of the South-East” because it is one of the most expensive soups in Igboland.

Ever heard of the saying, “better soup, na money kill am”? Well, Ofe Owerri is that soup and here’s how to prepare the soup of kings.

Cooking time

40 minutes

Recipe categoryabout:blank

Main dish

Recipe cuisine

Local/South-Eastern Nigeria

Cooking method


Recipe Yield

Serves 12


Rich in vitamins


Meat of choice, Assorted, Stock fish and Smoked fish

1 cup of boiled and pounded cocoyam paste (or substitute with 2 tsp of Achi)

1 cup of Okazi leaves

1 Cup Uziza leaves

1 cup crayfish powder

1 wrap of Ogiri

1 teaspoon dried pepper

2 cooking spoons palm oil

Seasoning cubes and Salt to taste


1. Season the meats and stockfish with salt, ½ cup of the crayfish, 1 tbsp. of dry pepper. Add some snails (if using).

2. Once the meat and stockfish have softened, taste the stock and make any necessary adjustments to the flavor.

3. Reduce the heat, add the cocoyam paste in small portions. If using Achi, mix the ground ‘Achi’ powder with some water in a bowl, stir well and pour into the soup. The soup will thicken so stir thoroughly to ensure all cocoyam lumps dissolve totally into the soup.

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4. Add the palm oil and washed chunks of dry fish to the soup. Cover the pot for about 5 minutes to allow the oil combine with the soup. Stir often.

5. Add the ogiri, the remaining crayfish and dry pepper. Stir thoroughly.

6. Add the thoroughly washed vegetables to the soup.

7. Stir after adding the vegetables and allow to simmer on low heat for an extra 5 minutes then turn off the heat.

Your Ofe Owerri is ready! Serve with any swallow of your choice  

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