A former deputy president of the Senate, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu has received a group from Igbo-etiti local government area, under the Aegis of Igbo-etiti professionals, who made a solidarity visit to his Enugu residence.

The group had declared their allegiance and support for the Senator amid the visit on Sunday.

The coordinator of the group, Okechukwu Okeagu had stated that Ekweremadu had over the years, Singlehandedly changed the face of all Enugu west Senatorial district.

Okeagu told UGAMATV that he had traveled across the several senatorial districts in Enugu state, however, none supercedes Enugu west in Infrastructural as well as human capital development.

“I have been to several places with political leaders, I have seen senatorial districts rise, but none has risen like Enugu west. Ekweremadu has worked tirelessly to develop his district, the developmental feats are so glaring, one needs not to search for them because they are all over the district. “

“This is why we have come to pledge our solidarity and allegiance to him and his vision. He is a positive influence on his district, we hope that this influence grows to give great effect to every other part of the state.”,  Okeagu concluded.

The group had also interacted with the Senator, asking him several motivational and practical questions, all in a bid to ascertain his drive towards building a ripple effect of goodness in the state.

Decorating the Senator with apparels particular to the Organisation, they urged him to continually extend his graciousness to other districts of the state.

We gathered that the group were also involved during the period of mourning for the Ekweremadus’ due to the passing of the late transport commissioner, Late Hon. Mathias Ekweremadu.

The delegates included,

Hon. Okagu Okechukwu (Coordinator)
Hon. Chinedu Ochiaya
Dr. Charles Ugwuagbo
Barr. Ernest Isiwu
Dr. Vincent Odo
Engr. Freda Ada Okoro
Chief Mrs Maureen Ozor
Mr Nweze J
Ozo Okwuchukwu Aroh.

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