Okpara Square, is a park in Enugu metropolis, with it’s name coined from that of the former Premier of Eastern Region, Dr. Michael Okpara.

Sited in the most Urban part of Enugu, Independence layout, the square is surrounded by Enugu state house of assembly, Courts, WAEC and NECO offices as well as the Government house all within range.

Located in the heart of the city, the square plays host to a lot of Government and public functions, as its ample space gives room for several activities to be undertaken at once. It can also house quite an alarming number of persons.

In the December of 2020, the square was the venue for the renowned ‘Enugu carnival’ , a one-week event that drew all and sundry, as well varieties of cultural displays and pageantry.

During the reign of ENUGU’S former governor, Sullivan I. Chime, the square was the recurrent venue for the ‘Road block’, an annual music fiesta, that had every rockstar in the music industry trooping to Enugu, in a bid to assuage the raging thirst of the youths, whom had the whole year to yearn for the music fest.

School children, Civil and public servants are not left out of the equation as the park had become a part and parcel of every commemorative day.

Every Children’s day, teacher’s day, Civil servant’s week, workers and democracy day, the concerned parties convene at the square for celebrations. Match pasts and salutations are always given to the Incumbent Governor or a representative.

Religious bodies have also seized the opportunity to harness the gains of the spacious and cool environment of the square, as they host national conferences, international Religious programs and events like GOOD MORNING ENUGU, that attract legendary Gospel artists such as, Don Moen, Frank Edwards, Mercy Chinwo amongst others.

However, for the sake of this discuss, we choose to focus on other activities that happen therein, exclusive of the Governmental and public functions.

The Term “OKPARA SQUARE” has become Synonymous to ‘Exercise and workout activities’ as every indigent and resident of Enugu will agree with me that the park has joined in the weight loss and body building journey of Enugu folks.

Being on the plus size, it has become a common utterance for concerned persons to recommend a visit to Okpara square on very regular basis.

One would say, “isn’t Okpara square just a place, has it got hands to perform body shaping surgeries? What is so special about Okpara square? What Magic touch does it have on one’s weight?”

Need I say, The Morale! The ‘Ginger’! .

It would not be far fetched if I say that no less that a hundred person visit Okpara square every morning, from several parts of Enugu.

During the course of this research, UGAMATV observed that folks run, walk or jog from their places of residence, in a bid to join other exercise enthusiasts in the square.

The square has become a place of reckon, a place of Zealousness and enthusiasm.

Groups from several exercise clubs come there for their cardio laps, individuals often join this group, tapping into their joint morale.

A respondent Ikechukwu had told us that, “Okpara square has provided me with the avenue to genuinely make friends with other exercise enthusiasts. I have been working out for about two years now. Not only have I shedded weight tremendously, I have made unbreakable bonds that emanated from just work out buddies. Here, we have accountability groups, people who genuinely care about your weight loss journey, who are willing to share their regiments with you, just ensure that you attain your desired weight. The morale here is extremely high. Sometimes, when you feel lazy, looking around, seeing everyone on their feet doing one routine or the other, you will have no option that to stand up and pick yours up. There is no room for dulling in Okpara square.”, He concluded.

“This park actually has persons from all works of life, crushing their weight goals, sweating it out in Unison on the field. Herein, there are no rich or poor. Everyone came to get a ‘Peng’ body.” Another respondent, Livian told us.

We also gathered that a lot of singles had met their ‘missing ribs’ in Okpara square. Though with the initial intent of shedding unwanted weight, other life goals had been met therein. It is advised that the singles should bring their ‘A’ game to the field, as your ‘Mr or Mrs right’ might be lurking around.

Expecting a new car soon? Planning on learning to drive?, Okpara square is your go-to place.

When persons are not exercising on the field, the abundant space gives an ample room for learning drivers to practice. Driving coaches and schools, as well as learning vehicles, are readily available, all set to please your taste.

The Okpara square forests

Not to forget, there serenity and natural feel that comes with the ‘Okpara square forests’.

Filled with fresh pine trees and shrubs, the surrounding forest has played outdoor photo studio for several photography shoots.

Models, Intending couples, individuals have constantly made their way to the forest to get the beautiful background as provided by the environment.

It also plays venue for meet-ups, first and subsequent dates, meetings and general hang outs.

People, generally stroll on the streets of Okpara square avenue, for a breathe of fresh air offered by the surrounding evergreen pine bushes.

Haven’t been to Okpara square?
Make a date and visit an see the marvel of Nature.

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