…proffers state policing as long term solution

The Deputy Minority leader, House of representative, RT. Hon. Toby Okechukwu has stated the implications of insecurity on the psychological well-being of Nigerians.

Okechukwu while addressing his listeners amid his discussion with Hon. Uche Anioke, the host of FREEDOM SQUARE program of Solid 100.9FM, categorically stated that the Security situation of Nigeria has become a thing of bother to every citizen of the country, stating that it has caused constant psychological turmoil for persons in Nigeria.

He Further proffered state policing as a long term solution to the menacing effect of Insecurity across every parts of Nigeria. This he said, will help tame and prevent Crimes in the country.

Okechukwu said, “We are psychologically drained under this government, we live in constant fear. Farmers are afraid of going to their farms, everyone has a manner of restriction towards going about their businesses. We have a seemingly failed security apparatus. Resources that are normally meant to have been channelled to development is constantly being pumped into insecurity, recruitment of vigilantes and other security outfits.”

“Without peace and security in a community, progress will be far fetched there. Security challenges has escalated, in the past, you would have ascribed it to particular part of the country, now it is all over. The security architecture, in terms of the legal frame work is not working. As oppositions, we have moved bills in parliament regarding the constitution review. The only solution is state policing. Reframe the architecture of managing the security of our people, apart from the fact that it makes it possible for people who are domiciled in an environment to know who and who , or the potentials of holding people responsible each and every time, it is very direct and clear. Sometimes the language and cultural barrier can be very challenging, it takes an average of two years to get a hang of the language of the place of domicile. This does not mean to collapse the entirety of central policing, We can still have certain federal institutions that will intervene when the situation becomes extreme but routine policing to detect and prevent crime should be domiciled within the state. That is what happens in federal structures. You can see how over centralization has impacted on not just security, but education and infrastructure.”

“The impact is more on security because that one is more crucial. The earlier we start thinking in the area of state policing, the better for us. Few weeks back, i moved a motion in parliament, that we should ask officially that the 2014 CONFAB report and APC committee report led by governor El-rufai, inherent in the data therein those documents are provisions for the state police. So, if the sitting government, by its own committee has adopted that by the organs of the party, what then is the problem.”

“Nigerians are hurting, we cannot comfortably have a road travel with our families, for the past few years we have just became undertakers, constantly burying our dead. We just have to face up to it. As oppositions, we are minded in that direction, though the deputy speaker has said that they are going to invite memoranda to that effect, the Federal government and APC should submit the documents in their custody respectively. I believe that we are all agreed, except for a certain ambush, to have a state police that can work. When there are some imperfect operations in some states, you can isolate it and work out to improve on it. Not when you find ut that the federal government are over stretched, not hiring enough, not enough knowledge about the operations in certain jurisdictions or insufficient man power. i believe that the long term answer to our security problem is adopting a state police frame work, in addition to encourage Nigerians to be at alert. If you hear or see something, say something.”

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