To be able to get ahead in life, you must “have a dream”

Everything that i am going to achieve in this life will be described as a dream come true because you must have a clear picture of everything you want in your mind.

Let me tell you a story about a certain fisher man. This man goes to the river to fish with a particular stick so everytime he catches a fish longer than that stick, he throws it back.

There were other fisher men but one of them couldn’t help noticing that this man throws back big fishes and keeps the smaller ones.

Confused, he went over to find out why, we all here to get big fishes, aint we? he asked but the man looked at him and said that the stick is the length of his frying pan and he doesn’t like cutting his fish.

That frying pan represents your small dreams and local mind set. It’s time to buy the biggest frying pan in the market.

It’s time to dream big dreams and achieve them. You can be more.

Register for a master class, take that course, read, get a good mentor and by the end of the year, we all can look back and say “i am no longer where i used to be”

I am sending you love and light.

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