Chukwuobasi preaches peace, Advice the use of legitimate channel in BRINGing  grievances  to the govt

The member representing Awgu south state constituency of the Enugu state   house of Assembly,  Hon Johnson Okwudilichukwu Chukwuobasi has urged residents  and indigens from  his constituency to embrace peace and   be law abiding always

The Honourable  member who stressed  so much on the need for peace , adviced his people to make sure they channel their grievances to the knowledge  of the government  should  there be need.

Stating  that it has been in the top agenda of the present  government  of Rt Hon Ifeany Ugwuanyi in   restoring peace in the state by deploying  multiple  security outfit in forestalling peace in the state.

Stressing that the Governor has always worked tirelessly in maintaining  peace in the state, pointing  out that  the Community police, Forest Guards, the Neighbourhood watch has also been put in place to  help the Conventional  security police and the SS maintain  relative peace in the state 


He  however  regretted  that the series of conflicts in some states of the federation since the beginning of the year do not tell well of what the country represents which are unity, love and oneness

 He said, “Nigeria will be better if all citizens embrace the spirit of unity which is necessary towards achieving the much-needed socio-economic and political greatness. 

 He further called all the youths to embrace various training and Empowerment  opportunities  made available  for them by the state government  to better their lives  rather than causing violence   which might end up destroying  their future or depriving  them of what is due to them by the government. 

“In order to get all that is due for you, it is not good for you  to state fermenting  trouble rather avoid violence because once there is peace, there  is progress

“Let us join hands let work together  to support  achieve our arms of voting this government into power that has just two years to go .

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