Decaying remains of the deceased.

Disaster strucks again in the Isiokwe village of Amankpunato autonomous community of Oji river local government area of Enugu state as Fulani herdsmen kills a farmer in his farmland.

The deceased whose identity was not disclosed, is not the first victim of the dreadful and heartless butchering of villagers in Oji River, by the fulani herdsmen whom are herding their cattles within the axis.

The General coordinator of the association of Oji river Presidents general, disclosed this to UgamaTV via a letter of grievance. He further said that the family are currently in a distablised and confused state, giving the gruesome murder of their father.

He continued by saying that, this is a threat to their security, he also beckons the government to come to their immediate aid, or else they will take the matter of their safety and security into their hands.

Below is the letter as presented by the coordinator,

Funali herdsmen killed this man in our farmland yesterday,it has happened before and now again.
Isiokwe village,Amankpunato Autonomous community, in oji river local government.
The families are confused and the communities are in fear and danger. We have protested to the police and local government about these killings and destruction of our farmland, without anything reasonable happening..Please save our SOULs in Oji river Local Government of Enugu state. We the Presidents General of the 29 communities of oji river local govt condemn this babaric act and WE DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY KILLER FULANI PERSON AROUND OJI RIVER HENCEFORTH OR ELSE…… Hon. Ejike Ilo Tasie Coordinator General Association of Oji River presidents general

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