Market Survey: Enugu Traders  complains hike in the price of Onions

Traders  of fresh foods in Enugu major markets has continued  to lament of hike in the prices of  fresh food especially  onions 

At the popular and ever-busy Garki, ogbete  and akwata Markets, it was observed that almost all the tables in the markets were empty, and few sellers in the markets sale way above the original prices.

Following  a survey conducted  in enugu markets today, it was discovered that a basket of Onions sold at 16 thousand  naira as at last week is now 30 thousand naira, and basket of tomatoes  25 thousand  naira  and basket of peppers  sold for at least 8  thousand last week is presently fifteen thousand naira.

 It was gathered that  leaders  of the association of onion producers alongside some northern  groups had issued a notice to  ban   the supply of onion and other fresh food to the south east.

 In an interview  with the chairman  ogbete  main market  Enugu Mr  Ezugwu Cosmos Ejike, he said though the and ban has not taken effect but traders are afraid sbd nurtures fears that the prices will escalate  as soon as possible  thereby hooding and hiking the prices of the ones they have already become necessary. 

He called on Enugu  fresh foods dealers  to take this easy  as all hand is deck to making  sure the situation is solved.

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“Though the ban of some fresh food especially  onions from the north has not taken effect but traders are already having the fear  that it might lead to the scarcity of onions soon  and has taken the decision  to hood their goods or hike the prices to await  what happens next

“What we are assuring them is that everything  will  soon return to normal  as we are still discussing  and making plans on how to sustain the present  situation”  he said

Residents and consumers of this fresh foods are not left out as the they were all complaining  of the hike in the prices of onions, tomatoes,  pepper and other perishable  things that come the north.

” I was in the market last  week, and I saw onion everywhere  but today, the case is different,  i can hardly see onion  to buy or even if i see, it is rather expensive. 

“While will survive  it all, not just onion that the price has increased,  every other food stuffs has increased  also ,I don’t  know where we are heading to

This and more  comment were coming from buyers who were seen in Enugu markets.

It was gathered  that the price of onion might skyrocket again because of the ban 

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