Sensational music writer and singer, who has been making waves in both radio stations and social media, Music box, over the weekend visited Ugamatv studios and in an interview session, talked about his walk as a music maker and the challenges he had to face to get to where he is.

Speaking with Ugamatv, Music box revealed how he came about his name. he said that; “It started from my friends way back calling me in ‘igbo agabti egwu 1’, so looking for how to coin the name so that it doesn’t look local I came up with music box.

“They called me agbati egwu because they said they loved my music and I have ‘it’, especially my producer lord conel who is the one always motivating me and telling me how sweet my voice is, and each time I come up with a song people like it a lot” he explained.

When asked about when he decided to start up music as a career, he said “that was a long time ago. Back then I listened to a lot of RnB musicians like boys to men, kc and jojo and I admired those guys a lot, and always told myself am going to be a musician. It sounded funny to my parents back then because they wanted me to be an engineer, but then within me I knew what I wanted to be.



“And back when I was in school I would always sneak out to go to studios to record songs and then I started professionally in 2006. We were a group then called JD Rhymes, but we’ve parted ways and everyone has gone solo, am the only one among them still doing music.

Music box added that music is something he loves doing, and because of this he gets inspirations from things around him and most times gets inspirations through his dreams.

“The inspiration for my single ‘Na God’ came from my experience and environment, and what life has taught me. When things were so tough I found out that I can’t do this on my own and no man can do it for me if not God, and it was a life lesson, and that is how I came about that song ‘Na God’” he said.

The music maker who couldn’t stop singing the praise of the music record he records his music at and how they had been a huge stepping stone for him and his music career revealed that he records his music at Century Records.

“We collaborate together and they have nice songs and good producers, their sound card is top notch. It’s a nice studio and place every artist need to visit. I like the concept of Century records and with what I’ve seen so far they are going places. They might not be there now but they are going places because they have all the packages and plans for the future so I will say thumbs up to Century records and Ugamatv”.

When asked how he would love to describe his music he said he call his genre of music ‘urban gospel’ due to the fact that he made use of circular sounds with gospel lyrics and as such can’t really call it circular music or urban music.

“Challenges is a general thing in life, and I will say I enjoyed it because it taught me lessons. Back then challenges like how to get a studio to work with and how to get a producer paid, and how to get sponsors, were all an experience. Making a good music is one thing, another is how to get it out there and for people to listen to it.

“If you don’t have a sponsor and you don’t have money to go about doing the promotions it becomes a big challenge, but as time goes on and with experience I found ways to do it, especially now am working with Century Records and they are helping me a lot” he added.

Talking about major opportunities which the music industry have given to him, he stressed that he have met a lot of dignitaries and gotten good exposure, meeting good people and other businesses that has helped him and is still helping him a lot in life.

When asked how his family members responded to his career choice, he said that “My mother and siblings were not in support of me doing music. Back then they see musicians as people who are wayward, and people who don’t want to be useful to themselves, unlike now that everyone wants their child to be like Wizkid and Davido.

“My late father was very much supportive back then,he was the one that always told me that i could do it. If I didn’t do music I would have been a footballer or been into real estate.

“For future projects, I would one day love to work with Drake. I love his sound a lot. I can’t pick any particular artist in Nigeria because all of them are really good; Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Flavor. If I had the opportunity I will work with all of them”, he said.

Concluding his interview, Music box revealed that he with Century Records and his producer Conel, were out for business and are making music back to back adding that he has a couple of songs coming up soon and promising his more beautiful tunes from him.

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