Travelling is part of Education

I looked forward to seeing my favorite uncle and my cousins plus all the intriguing stories I heard about Lagos heightened my desire to visit the city for the holiday.

My cousins had this swag about them and the fact that they could speak Yoruba, Igbo, and good English made me want to be like them but I still had WASC and NECO before my dreams will come to pass.

Finally, I was done with the exams and I packed my bags the following day so I don’t forget anything that I needed, I packed my favorite shoes and clothes so I can look fine when we visit nice places in Lagos.

How i imagined Lagos state will look

My mom kept telling me to calm down since I won’t be going alone. I was just 14 going on 15, one of my uncles planned to go to Lagos within that time so my mom planned my trip with him so I can go with an adult.

There is no way she was letting her 14-year-old go alone but I was feeling like an adult, I mean I am done with secondary school so I am an adult no matter what my age says.

The day finally came, I was awake the previous night because excitement won’t let me sleep so by the time my uncle arrived I was so ready, at 6 am we were already at the park and at 6:30 our long luxurious bus moved.

The journey was long but I slept all through the journey. 

After what seemed like ages, we got to Lagos and shortly we were in Ilasa. My Family runs a big restaurant so we went there first and I ate amala and ewedu for the first time. The people here are so busy and fast in their movements and speech.

The next day my uncle decided to take me out, my happiness knew no bounds but by the time I spent 3 hours in traffic, my happiness began to diminish.

some of the things that were strange to me as an 042 babe

Such things don’t happen in Enugu State! The good thing is that I got to see so many tall buildings and companies.

I started missing my mom and my uncle called her so I could speak to her. I didn’t know I will miss my family so much but I did. However, I determined to visit so many places so I can have lots of stories to tell.

I loved the beach, I still love amala and ewedu, roasted fish, peppered meat (ASU), and the delicacies that I was fed.

I enjoyed my first visit to Lagos and I still visit from time to time when i have a  contract there or when I just want to cool off.

The beach will always be new and fresh to me. There is something so unique about the beach and Lagos in general and I love it.

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