The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), had on Wednesday commissioned a school rehabilitation project at Vocational and Technical Training College, Amoli in Awgu local government area of Enugu state.

The project whose contract was awarded to MCJ global services, is targetted towards bringing the particular technical institution to a qualitative standard, by Erecting and adequately equipping Classrooms and Laboratory blocks.

UGAMATV learnt that the Deputy Minority leader, House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu, who also represents Awgu, Aninri and Oji river federal Constituency had attracted this Project to Amoli, out of his affinity towards youth empowerment and emancipation.

Given that he was unavoidably absent, He was represented by Former Enugu state Commissioner for Information, Dr. Godwin Ikechukwu Udeuhere.

In an Interview, Dr. Udeuhere Intimated us of the drive of this project. Okechukwu, he said, grew in the rank and files of Economy, he therefore understands the need to learn in an adequate environment, also being an Education activist, he consistently invests hugely in the Education and empowerment of the youth of Nigerians.

The idea basically is to adequately equip the school for the academic task ahead, to make job creators not job seekers from the students.

The lawmaker had continually empowered SSCE candidates with fees and compiled past question and answers, as a means of encouragement and support for the students, whom have chosen to be studious, since they have chosen to study, the materials needed is hence made available.

Quality Education, he believes should be made easily and readily accessible to every Child in Nigeria, since it is the only thing no one can literally rid a child of.

Amid the jubilations, Engr. Simbi kesiye Nabote, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian content development and monitoring board, lauded the parliamentarian for attracting this feat to the Amoli community, he also commended MCJ for their apt delivery, however, enjoined them to fix some insignificant hitches observed during the inspection.

While explaining why everyother laboratory was not equipped like the Welding and Fabrication department, he said that, at the conceptual stage of the project, they were not aware of the state of dilapidation of the school, the millage they have covered is a very laudable, they however enjoin other agencies including the government to bring the general rehabilitation of the school to a completion.

In his address, The Director Science, technical and Vocational Schools Management board, Engr. J. C Nebo, represented by Dr. G. O. C, Ajah,  applauded the leadership of NCDMB for giving out contracts, with the due process, void of any form of lobbying or unnecessary influencing.

This was after he commended the practical leadership as portrayed by the Executive Governor of Enugu state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the Deputy Minority leader, house of representatives, Toby Okechukwu.

The community he said, is quite fortunate to benefit in the ongoing massive rehabilitation, he praying that the students utilize it to their optimal growth.

In appreciation, he promised to allocate more Capable technical inclined teachers to the school.

Amid the showcasing of the machines, the Chief Supervising Principal, ETVSMB, Awgu Zone, Chief Okonkwo C. C, said that every of the Machines, tools, equipments and implements are all functional. He enumerated the functionality of the machines, stating that they are of great essence to train the children in all manner of metal work, fabrication, moulding, and welding as such creating entrepreneurs to boost the Economy of not just Enugu but Nigeria at large.

Speaking to our Correspondent, Engr. Enyidi Obiora Sylvester, a former principal of the school, said that the inception of the project came in recognition of the role played by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVETI), in Youth Emancipation and development of the Nation’s Economy. The project is therefore born out of the intent to upgrade Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVETI), to a level where they can actively develop human resources, with regards to the crucuality of the roles of Technicians in the economic and technological development of the country.

The Principal of the College, Mrs. Chioma Onyechi in her address said, that the country is lagging due to lack of technical know how in our youths, it is a great feat that these establishments, chose to invest in technicality, since it teaches youths to “DO IT YOURSELF”, she then, requested that there are still more rooms for improvement and development in the school, as the need more laboratory equipments, hostel amongst other things, promising that everyone in the community, the town, state and nation will enjoy the benefit sooner than later.

Speaking to our correspondent, The president general of Amoli town union, Justice nwabueze Oluigwe, stated, “Today, the technical college was commissioned and handed over to the principal. I can recall, that the honourable Okechukwu paid a courtesy visit to Amoli in early 2018, that was when he made a promise of an Upgrade to the Technical college Amoli, we all thought he was joking. However, after a few months, massive renovation commenced in the school. That was only the Genesis, now the school has not only experienced structural renovations, it has also been upgraded from just a technical school to both a technical and Vocational school. My appreciations goes to the Lawmaker because of this thoughtful gesture, it will not only be beneficial to Just Amoli, I believe that students from far and wide will come from other parts of Enugu and Nigeria at large to gain technical and Vocational knowledge.”

In his vote of thanks, Dr. Ama Ikuru, the General manager, Capacity building division, appreciated the efforts of the lawmaker towards ensuring the sound welfare of his people, especially in the Sector of Education. He then lauded both the Contractors and the Clients for discharging their duties with utmost diligence. He then prayed the students and faculty to handle the equipments as well as the facilities with premium care to ensure length of years.

Several dignitaries, members of parent, teacher’s association including other beneficiares present, shared their gratitude with us, stating that this will aid in taking back the students to creativity, innovation and originality.

A Classroom and Laboratory block, Borehole project, Principal’s and administrative block, two Generator sets, were provided under this project.

Majorly, Metal work Machines such as, Angle grinder/hack saw/cutting stone for filling or cutting iron, Circular saw machine,
Band saw machine/hole saw, for wood work, Magnetic drilling machine, Abore and paper shank, for boring or drilling, a bench drilling machine, to bore metals, Arc welding machine, for binding metals together, Bench grinder for sharpening blades, hand tools, drilling and chisels, Bending machine, used in bending nothing else, save sheet metals, Air compressing machine, Riveting machine, airtool or normatic tool,
Diesel powered welding machine, which produces it’s own electricity for welding, tools and machines,
Hand riveting machine, to manually rivet or bind metals together, Electric Hand drill for boring, Better featured hand drilling machine to unscrew and screw, like tightening which posses power resolution and adjustment, tool box, Steel cutter.
Hydrolic floor jack, Oxygen, acetylene Cylinder for gas welding,
Measuring instruments,
micro meter screwgauge, welding shield for arc welding, amongst
others were provided.

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