Hon. Okwu Chinedu, Member Representing Aninri Constituency, Enugu State
House Of Assembly who is also the Chairman House Committee on Youth, Sports and Security Matters has moved an important motion of urgent public
importance on the invasion, killings, Wanton/malicious destruction of homes, looting of crops, encroachment and coercive annexation of our
lands by the neighboring Ebonyi communities(Uburu, Akaeze and ishiagu) in
Ohaozara and Ivo Local government areas of Ebonyi
State respectively. In a letter addressed to the Speaker of the house of
Assembly and every other distinguished house members, he expressed his grievances thus “it may interest you to know that Aninri LGA shares boarders with Ebonyi State at Uburu in Ohaozara LGA and Akaeze, Ishiagu in Ivo LGA of Ebonyi State. We complain in tears, about the unwarranted invasion, killing
and maiming of our people by the three communities in Ebonyi State, Uburu, Akaeze in Ohaozara and Ishiagu in Ivo Local Government Areas respectively that share common boundaries with us. The attack started some years back when some land grabbers from the communities here in Ebonyi State suddenly entered our lands, claiming ownership of parts thereof inspite of the
obvious boundary features. But they could not render any sustainable account of such claims, accordingly they could not successfully challenge the
superiority of our ownership history. Consequently, they were initially warded off the place. Some however attempted to resist with violence but that
was contended with them. Shortly after their kinsman His
Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi became the Governor of Ebonyi State, they returned to our land with much more force and a new turn of claim.
Initially, they were making individual claims of ownership of different parts of our lands, but now, they claim and act for and on behalf of Ebonyi State
Government. They forcefully re-entered with tractors bearing
the inscription Ebonyi State Government and mass labour at different occasions under the guard of well-armed officials, destroyed our cassava, yam and rice farms respectively spanning about 100 hectares and also
deforested our popular EguNkwo forest which over the years used to be the major source of our timber business. The place invaded includes, a very large expanse of our best fertile land for rice farming. Infact, it is our main source of
rice production and exports. And in place of our destroyed
farms, they made a large farm rice thereon claiming to be a World Bank Farming Scheme in collaboration with Ebonyi State Government. The size of the rice farm is capable of changing the economy of any State. An attempt to resist their force was a blood bath wherein some of our people were killed and
many badly injured, they include Obasi Okoro and Johnson Obasi (deceased) and Messrs Emmanuel Ogbonna, Agwu Blessed, Ivo Chukwu,Sunday Ukwuaja, Uzigwe Okoro, Ogbonnia Onu to mention but a few (badly injured). Some of them can no longer stand erect while others can no longer use their hands to do any work due to the various degree of permanent injury inflicted on them. The Ebonyians continue to make undue advantage of their sophisticated arms and numbers to intimidate our people by ordering and forcing them out of their own farms with stern warnings never to return
thereon lest would risk loosing their lives, beating to stupor anybody who resist such order or hesitate in leaving quickly as ordered or attempted to gather to go with any of his/her working implements, bicycle or motorcycle which he/she came to the farm with. They usually force their victims to go empty handed and abandon for them (the Ebonyians) anything the
victim came to the farm with. They also rape the women at the farms and force our fishermen in our Ivo River to pay taxes to Ebonyi State Government.
We also noted of late that the Ebonyi State Government has
entered into agreement with a Chinese Company for mining activities of the led and Silicon deposits in our land. The company just started, revenue and other benefits accruable there from which is supposed to be for our State, Enugu Stateand now is being enjoyed by Ebonyi State Government. Whereas the Ebonyi State Government is presently constructing a bridge over part
of our River Ivo and a road across our town to connect these two proximate
Communities in Ebonyi State, Uburu and Akaeze. While we
appreciate this infrastructural development in our place we
are afraid that given their land grabbing nature, the Ebonyians may in future start a claim that these bridge and road are either the boundary or in their land. The Governor colluded with his people at Iyienu which shares boarders with Ohofia Oduma and crossed the ancestralborders and entered Oduma
land. He extended into Mpu, cutting across the farm lands of Amagu-Mpu, Aneke Orji, Mpu and Okomigb Mpu respectively where the people of Umunaga Uburu of Ohaozara LGA deployed a bulldozer and cleared a large portion of Mpu land on 20/03/2020. He also destroyed ancient land mark to
enable him acquire lands. Further incursions were then made into Ekoli (Ihuibe & Uhuezeoke), where over 100 hectares of lands were cleared. Crops as well as economic trees of various species were destroyed by Governor Dave Umahi and the Ezeogo of Umunaga Uburu, HRH Lazarus Umahi. On the 2/3/2020, Governor Dave Umahi in collision with Hon. Barr. Oji Uchenna Oji, Ebonyi State Commissioner for information and the people of Ngwongwo deployed bulldozers at Egu Ovum, Okomigbo Mpu and rendered the entire Ussa, Ovia land waste as their crops were looted while the builders were at work. Furthermore, on the 08/04/2020, HRH Ezeogo Lazarus Umahi stormed the house of one Mr. Israel Chukwu with thugs and pulled down the entire building at the early hours of that blessed day as can be seen in the photos. His ban was also looted and destroyed alongside other valuable items
under the supervision of the Traditional Prime Minister of Umunaga Uburu, Chief Achiebe in the presence of HRH Ezeogo Lazarus Umahi. Mr. speaker, Honourable colleagues our people are dying in pains, the thought ofwatching helplessly another state driving us out of our lands, taking over by force our
traditional heritage which is our major source of livelihood when we also have a state government is quite unbearable.

That this Honourable House do urge the State Government to intervene and take adequate action to avert further damages. That this Honourable House do urge the Commissioner of Police to investigate, prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of this devilish act to face the wrath of the law.”

Hon. Engr. Okwu Chinedu
Rt. Hon. Nwamba Chinedu
Rt. Hon. Nnajiofor Paul (JP)
Rt. Hon. Iloabuchi Aniagu
Rt. Hon. Chukwuka Eneh
Rt. Hon. Ethel Oyibo Ugwuanyi
Hon. Johnson Chukwuobasi
Hon. Jane Chinwendu Eneh
Hon. Jeff Mba
Hon. Barr. Ibenaku Onoh
Hon. Sam Ngene.

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