When you visit enugu state, you gotta drive around this peaceful City at night

You gotta love this town, some parts come alive at night! The clubs are banging, roads leading to the happening places are good.

The restaurants are open and the girls are beautiful. Nightlife! I don’t go out that much but not anymore.

Think about the barbecue, pepper soup, nkwobi,palm wine, and Abacha that most joints have to offer.

If you love cultural dance and music, you can enjoy the meals listed above while you watch the likes of Udu bunch do what they know how to do.

Our sharwama spots in Enugu State are topnotch.

I am looking forward to having so much fun this holiday, everything will be document because i will blog about it.

To see what spending the holidays feels like in Enugu State, stay glued to southeast trends.

There will be festivals, shows and lots more.

Visit Enugu state if you find yourself in the east.

See you soon.

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Sending you love and light.

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