A former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George, has called for the unity of all Nigerians against COVID-19 pandemic.

George, in a statement on Sunday in Lagos, said it was through unity of purpose and collective efforts of all citizens that the virus could be defeated.

He said that using the pandemic to play unnecessary partisan politics or stoke sectarian animosity would not do the nation any good at this trying period.

George said that the pandemic was about the survival of the nation, urging leaders and citizens to embrace a new nationalistic front to tackle the problem.

“We must never reduce this obvious national challenge to partisan feud. This is beyond section triumphalism or sectarian animosity.

“It is about the collective survival of our nation. Let us act by coming together, by discarding old divisions, and embracing a new nationalistic front that can hopefully salvage our country from this pandemic.

“Let our leaders rise in the true spirit of national vision and mobilise our people towards rescue and redemption.

“This is indeed how nations are built and strengthened in the times of great challenges.We must wield this country together now in one indivisible brotherhood.

“There are no half measures. There are no separate ways. The solution must be collective, predicated in deliberately cultivated consensus,” he said.

George called for a “serious”, coherent, deliberate, aggregated and aggressive management of the pandemic.

He said the country must effectively utilise expertise and explore all resources in the orthodox and traditional medical fields to fight the pandemic.

“Virtually in all fields of endeavour, there is always a Nigerian with sterling talent that can rival anyone, anywhere with prodigious exemplary demonstration of merit.

“We have them here: virologists, epidemiologists, microbiologists, morbidity experts, homeostatic scholars and many others who are experts in the study of dysfunction of the human body.

“Why are we not using them to mitigate, combat and destroy the COVID-19 malady?”, he queried.

The PDP chieftain urged the country to develop a home grown solution to the pandemic while embracing proven and attested global examples.

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