Sachet water producers explain why bag of sachet water increased from N100 to N200

National President of the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP), Clementina Ative, has provided reasons the association increased the price of a bag of sachet water from ?100 per bag to ?200.?

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday, November 2, Ative said the association increased the price of one bag to N200.00 to enable members to produce and give quality and wholesome water to Nigerians instead of looking for ways of cutting corners, which might result, in quackery and substandard water.?

In her words,

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“We started sales of sachet water in 1998. Then fuel price was N11.00 per litre of fuel. Pure water nylon was N170,000 per tonne. The packing bag was N700.00 per bundle. We were selling a bag of pure water, which contains 20 sachets, and the retailers were selling N50.00 per bag to the retailers and a sachet for N5.00 per sachet to the general public.?
Between 1998 to 2012, prices of all components of our production rose to point that nylon went to N600,000 per tonne, packing bags rose to N3.500 per bundle, fuel rose to N97.00 per litre and so do all components of our production from treatment medians to cleaning materials. We had no choice but to increase our price to N100.00 per bag to the retailers. And a sachet was being sold for N10.00 to the general public.?
Since 2012, the prices of all components of our production have gone to an unbearable point that we can no longer bear it. Nylon has gone to N1,550,000 per tonne; packing bag has gone to N7.000 per bundle. Diesel is now N320 per litre and all of us depend mostly on generators.?”she said

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