Significance of the Red Beads in Igbo land

the igbo have a very unique culture from other cultures in Nigeria. The Igbo attires are not anywhere close to random at all.

The beads are highly respected ornaments in the Igbo land. The beads are normally worn by red cap chiefs and kings of the Igbo land.

It is a very big honor to were a red cap and beads in the Igbo land. The beads are not just for men but also for women because it is part of their dressing.

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Another set of people that wear the beads are the maidens. They usually wear the bead with their wrappers around their waist. They also wear the necklace beads , anklets and wrist beads. Also coral beads are very essential beads in to the Igbo culture.

This culture has been passed on right from our fore fathers down to us, and it would still be passed down to the up coming Igbo generation.

This beads signifies royalty, wealth, chieftaincy etc. It is also a form of protection against evil forces.

Brides and Grooms in the Igbo land also wear it , because they believe it has protective powers and it is also answers prayers.

There are many more significance of Red beads but lets just stop here.

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