Smobile netzone limited and Pens and Voices Nig. Ltd unveils an empowerment scheme as they gear up to empower over 50 unemployed youths in Enugu.

They made this known during a press briefing in Enugu where they spoke about their products and services and how individuals could partake in the empowerment scheme.

Smobile netzone is a telecom company, partnered with MTN and designed to offer telecom services and products to its audience. The platform is also designed to help people looking forward to making extra income do that by providing them with services and products which they can register on the platform with no money and still go ahead to make money while doing their n normal daily routine.

Hon. Uche Cyril Anioke, C.E.O of Pens and Voices Nig. Ltd, and a consultant for Smobile who was in attendance for the briefing spoke on the importance of the event, stating that the media is a powerful tool in marketing and rebranding, as they are constitutionally empowered to speak and to hold those in government to give account.

“Today, online journalism is assuming a very powerful dimension, and this is because you can get everyday news from there at anytime of the day. What we are doing here is to let you know more about Smobile. Smobile have been on for a pretty long time and I present it to the public today as a form of unveiling their products and services”, he said.

Anioke further went on to describe the difference between financial stability and financial freedom stating that the platform is designed to give individuals financial freedom irrespective of the work the person does, so as not to be dependent solely on one income generation.

“The platform is also starting a program on solid fm called Smobile connect that will be hosted by myself and Ifeoma Ajumobi (ify melody) as we hope to empower at least 50 youths every week, not just in Enugu, but in the whole of the south east”, he said.

The Senior manager of Smobile Netzone limited, Mr David Abah Emmanuel threw more light on the mission of Smobile to the society. While addressing the press, the manager said that; “Smobile is a telecom company registered with NCC (Nigeria’s Communication Commission) and has developed a strategy of creating long term values by constantly developing long term products while being empowered with our core values of integrity, fainess, accountability and transparency.

“Smobile is here to ensure we don’t just talk about empowerment, but to also do our best to ensure that we take it to the next level plus implementation. It’s a company authorized by NCC to trade on telecom and services and are also trade partners with MTN. The company has also obtained a certificate from federal ministry of industry, trade and investment to import and also distribute telecom devices and accessories.

“Smobile has also been able to identify prospects in the telecom sector, and to create enduring wealth, and is also willing to share with discerning persons in order to build a formidable capacity to maximize the inherent opportunity and also to reach and satisfy a massive customer base as well as create a substantial welfare for everybody hence our company tagline which says ‘connecting you to value.

“Smobile partners with pens and voices Nigeria ltd with a singular purpose of domesticating the company name in every household in enugu state. With a well structured management process, and a staff strength of almost 200 professionals in different states in Nigeria, Smobile is seeking to empower members of the public with soft loans and grants to do business”, he said.

Abah added that they are inviting youths, the unemployed, and the employed that are seeking for new opportunities to join the platform by downloading the Smobile app, register on the platform, get mentored on how to trade in telecom.

Mr Celestine Eze, a staff of Smobile Netzone threw more light on their products and services stating that Smobile has products such as mifi, router, tout router, and they are licensed to sell all MTN products and services as they were given a Sand D (Sales and distribution) license to sell all MTN products and services.

“We are licensed to deal on SME products of Smobile. If you have a car and you want to track it, Smobile is a place to get such service. We have two types of trackers, we have MTN tracker and others. Others in the sense that we have devices which you install in your vehicle. We have hinet place which is a device that through it one can gain access to internet.

“Over 64 devices can connect to hinet place at the same time, while mifi can connect 16 devices at the same time. Smobile platform is a platform where you can vend data at a cheaper rate and still earn money there. Its not a recharge and get paid scheme because its free here” he said.

Speaking on their empowerment scheme, Eze added that the The M.D, Mr Kingsley Adonu who is known in the state for his numerous philanthropy has taken it upon himself to sponsor a selected few with certain criteria in place to help them start earning on the platform.

“Our office is at No. 39 Chime Avenue, opposite First bank, New Haven Enugu. In the platform we sell MTN data and airtime and still get 5% discount for every service you pay for. So when you sell 1gb for 400 naira on our platform, we migrate you to exclusive plan level, where you make 150 naira for every 1gb you sell.

“There are other benefits of the platform. When you refer people to sell or buy data on the platform, you are making 20 naira. So you can make money on the platform either by selling by yourself, or referring people who sell on the platform and you make money from their sales. Because we are licensed by MTN we cant sell other networks, but we still have a window of opportunity for people who wants other network.

“You can simply click on other networks on the platform, but we wont be funding them, but you can fund your wallet by yourself and start trading there and making your profit. Whatever that is obtainable in MTN you will still get it there. The criteria for selecting people for the empowerment in Enugu depends on their financial capability as it is solely for youths who are unemployed and students.

“We are funding people who are unemployed and don’t have any capital to start trading on the platform. And then when we fund them and we check their track record and find out that they are are not doing well we can from the back end, cut off their funding.

“Whatever loan or grant we give out we don’t expect interest for them, that’s why its called empowerment. What we just want to ensure is accountability. When you register on the platform you get mentored on how the platform works, then your wallet is created after you have understood that. The funding which will be given will be in the e-wallet, you can see it on your platform but its not converted to cash.

“On the site you cant generate a code for recharge card. Outside of data services, we have other products in the market like smobile charger, power bank, and we are working on our mobile phones”, he said.

Eze concluding the briefing said that there are two ways one can go about registering on the platform which is as a business person and be a reseller of these products, data and airtime, or by keying into the empowerment platform on their website, or by downloading their app Smobiledata. He went on to state that the difference there is that it allows you have access to data that you can resell and remit money back to the company, while through the other process one can fund their wallet by themself.

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