SOUTH East benefited more from APC govt than PDP’s 16 years —Umahi

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State and Chairman of South East Governors’ Forum weekend, said the South East benefitted more from the Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC, federal government than  from Peoples Democratic Party’s sixteen years of governance.

Speaking to UGAMATV through his Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji, Umahi said the Igbo have had a fair-play under Buhari’s administration in terms of economic  and infrastructure development.

According to him, the N10Billion  Airport rehabilitation, the 2nd Niger Bridge, the  Enugu -Port-Harcourt  Expressway  and other infrastructures are pointers to the benefits the South East States are getting from the Buhari administration. “These are indications that this administration is helping the South East a lot more than ever.” He blamed the issue of Biafra agitations on  marginalisation of the southeast  and urged the Igbo to embrace togetherness of purpose.

“The South East has abiding faith in Nigeria as a nation. The labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain. One of our most respected founding fathers, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was in the frontline  of  championing the cause of one Nigeria, the cause of an independent Nigeria and we cannot for any reason renege from that vision. People express opinions based on a lot of  factors. There have been issues of marginalisation and under-development. You’d recall that the 16-year rule of PDP did not give the S-East any progress. So, these accumulated issues made people to share different opinions but the majority opinion goes. Our leaders believe in one Nigeria where there is peace and I think it is high time Nigerian government considers the issue of conceding presidency to the S-East no matte the political party. It is important to give  everybody a sense of belonging, no matter the party. We should fight for the corporate existence of Nigeria.” Asked if Umahi  is interested in running for Presidency, the commissioner said the governor has not said so. “ I know the governor does anything when he is inspired. For now, he is content and really saddled with how to deliver the dividends of democracy in Ebonyi State. So far, so good. We have seen in him a man of extra-ordinary ability, a performer, a pace-setter and God’s instrument and a vessel of honour in Ebonyi State. There is a great difference. Before he came on board, we have no confidence as a people but all that has changed. We were marginalised, denigrated but all that has changed. Today, we have a sense of confidence, a sense of self-worth and self-contentment. That, you can see in the face of every Ebonyian. Everywhere we go, we are proud to say we are from Ebonyi State. That is what  is  giving our governor joy. The next thing he will become is in God’s hand. Honestly, if truth must be  told, if somebody like Governor Umahi replicates what we are seeing in Ebonyi State in the Nigeria nation, other Nigerian leaders will begin to ask what is happening. Is it a miracle or magic? And I think the  time has come for the Nigerian nation not to look at sentiments, not to look at race  and tribe but to look at the track-records of the leaders and see that Umahi has the credentials, the stamina, the morale and mental character to deliver in the mandate that will launch Nigeria into the comity of advanced nations of the world. “I want to say that despite our emotions, despite our sentiments, despite some  encounters we must have had in the hands of criminals or bandits, whether they are of herdsmen or of kidnappers, that should not derogate from the fact that  we  can get criminals anywhere in any part of Nigeria. But essentially, government of every state under this federal system that we  operate, including the federal government  has a  primary responsibility under the constitution to secure and protect the lives and properties of the citizens. That is not negotiable. If any  government does compromise that, that government will fail in its responsibility. Having said that, I want to say that the South East governors  are doing  very well. In Ebonyi State, we have a strategic blueprint on how to tackle insecurity comprehensibly. On the issue of criminals, we have fortified security  and we have put in place necessary facilities to checkmate criminals including making Ebonyi a smart city state whereby  CCTV cameras were installed in different junctions in the state to monitor the activities of these criminals. We have also gone ahead to establish a monitoring committee to monitor herders/farmers activities and ensure there is harmony and peaceful co-existence between them. Over the years, we have had traditional herdsmen in our various states in the southeast. What is important is that when there is any issue of herdsmen and crime committed, we consult with the leaders of the herdsmen to track such incidents and treat them accordingly.

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Pointing out that the Igbo are republicans, independent and enterprising in nature, he urged the people to embrace togetherness in pushing for a common agenda. “We must agree that there is strength in unity. Every person in the southeast wants  fair-play, wants freedom, wants love and peace, wants harmony and   equity. If these are given to every section of this country, there will be more peace, more love and more cooperation. “Passing through the civil war has made the Igbo more aggressive.  But in the midst of these perceptions, we have Igbos that have generosity of heart.

They are very hospitable. Infact, the Igbos regard visitors more than any other tribe. While we concede that no  tribe is  perfect in their perception and conception of things, I want to say that there is nothing wrong with Igbos having different perception of things, but we must know that at the end of every disagreement, there must be an agreement.

This is acceptable in a democratic setting. “We believe in constituted authorities, we believe in establishments. That is why we still have the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. We also believe in the leadership of governors and so, our various shades of opinion will not be a barrier to governance.

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