staff and stakeholders of AWGU high school, nenwe laud okechukwu over infrastructural development in the school

The students, staff members and stakeholders of Agwu High school, Nenwe Enugu popularly known as County has expressed delight over the massive development projects being executed simultaneously at the high school by the Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, representing Aninri, Agwu and Oji-River federal constituency, Hon. Toby Okechukwu.

The ground breaking ceremony which was held to kick start the building of the six classroom block saw the attendance of stakeholders, staff and well wishers of the school and the honourable.

Speaking with a stakeholder from nenwe ward 1, Engr. Nathaniel Chukwu who represented Hon. Okwu Chinedu Otaka, member representing Aninri state constituency in the Enugu state house of assembly, who was unavoidably absent from the event, expressed Okechukwu’s love for children and education.

“This project will help in uplifting the standard of education in nenwe and aninri as it will rekindle the confidence of some people that have left the town because of lack of good schools as they will see that government is doing something about it, and it will equally help to boost the economy of the town” Chukwu said.

It was recalled that in the previous year, Hon. Okechukwu renovated the school’s big science lab building which was left dormant but has been functional since last year.

Commending his efforts, Chukwu went on to say that, “We’ve always known Hon. Toby Okechukwu as one who is a lover of education in enugu west. We are very proud of him as a representative because he represents us well, and he has helped in developing education in his constituency.

“If other leaders in Enugu West could do one third of what he is doing to make sure that people are being empowered educationally, we believe that the sky will be our starting point.  We pray that God will continue to guide him, and bless him and his family, because he has demonstrated his heartbeat for mankind” he said.

The school principal, Mrs Charity Egonu who expressed her gladness over the recent development in the school premises told Ugamatv  that they were facing a lot of challenges in the  school. “The entrance to the school is in a mess, including the school premises is covered with bushes, the students try their best to clear the grass but its enough, we need a machine that will help us in cutting the grasses.

“The school also need a fence to be in a better position, because since the environment is not fenced people trespass into the school and distract the students and teachers. Am a year old in this school but I now have new 4 structures, I say may God continue replenishing his purse, for remembering this school”, the principal said.

In his remarks, Dr Godwin Ikechukwu who represented Hon. Toby Okechukwu explained that they were in the school to pick a right place the school building will be sited, and to handover the site to an engineer.

Advising the school staff and indigenes, he said “I urge the principal and indigenes of this place to monitor the construction to ensure that its not business as usual as it will help to ensure the durability of the building.

Pointing out some of the Honourable’s good works to show his love and interest in the welfare of young students, Godwin said; “The constituents of Hon. Toby can bear testimonies of the fact that he built a boys secondary school in Mmaku, he brought St. Vincent secondary school back to life, he renovated Community Secondary school, Obeagu . Renovated the WAEC hall in boys secondary school Agwu, built new primary schools, furnished schools with table and seats, trained the teachers, gave them equipments, now he is planning on mobilizing students whom he will pay for their waec”.

Speaking on some of Okechukwu’s plans for the students he added that, “The sensitization will start on the 23rd of October. He plans on mobilizing about 200 students to visit places of interest which ordinarily they may not be able to visit. The students will be picked from 20 school, 10 students per school. Places they will visit includes innoson, so that they will have access of knowing how plastic seats and the rest are being produced, they will visit the airport, NTA and Federal Radio Corporation enugu.


“Youths who have interest in cooking will be taught on how to cook and it will last for 4 days. The centre will be in Nenwe for Aninri, another centre in Ugbo for Agwu, another in Ohani for Orji River. 100 youths will be selected to stay in these centres for the 4 days after which we will pick the best from each centre and bring them to a central place where the 3 of them will compete and then we will have the first second and third and prices will be given accordingly.

“At the end of that we will embark on another scheme which is to teach some youths how to so some things like soap, sanitizers etc as that will cover at least 1400 people and all these will be done between October 19 to November 20 and will be rounded up by the payment of the waec which we shall start the collection next week. We have 60 public secondary schools, then fix a day to give them their cheque”, he said.

Stressing more on the Honourable’s reason for his benevolence towards the students, he said, “Toby okechukwu is a well educated man having read English, Law in the university, and has his masters in business administration. His father was also a teacher and as a result he internalizes the relevance of academics.

“He wants to produce youths who he can teach how to make money instead of giving them money all the time. He aims at making the youths job makers instead of job seekers. He registerS students for WAEC every 2-3years and have done it 3 times, and this is the 4th time as things are hard due to the evolving economy” he said concluding. 

Mr Onuorah Ifeanyi who is a teacher and dean of studies for school and was also an old student of the school commended the Honourable who keeps putting up more structures in the school as it shows a season of a new dawn for the school.

“Toby plays a very good role in education. He has been doing this for long time now in greater AWGU and I pray that God gives him good health to continue. Having been a student of this school in 1982/83, education was very important to the youths. The school was founded in 1957 and we have had a very good academic record, including training and social interaction and networking for both students and teachers. We have our students participating in so many competitions all which have given the school a good name in AWGU” Onuorah said.

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