I can’t kill myself; who will I leave Abacha and Ofe Akwu for?

I can never think of suicide because I love enjoyment and I am a foodie so the thought of having good food can take depression, mood swings, and any form of suicidal thoughts away from me ooo.

I do understand that youths are under pressure, everyone wants to make it overnight but not everything will work out, there will be failed relationships, lack of cash at some point, people mocking you when you fail.

This is all supposed to be a part of a beautiful story so Suicide should never be an option! .

These days people just go out and buy harmful chemicals just to end it all. I don’t even want to talk about the afterlife, you don’t even know what’s on the other side.

You should consider seeing a pychologist when the urge to kill yourself becomes too much, Confide in someone you trust and go sight seeing. Apart from good food, the sight of something beautiful warms my heart. It could be art or just a beautiful place.

We all want to be successful; the only problem is that most youths don’t know what it takes to be successful, you need to understand that it is easy to make it in life. You have to put in work.

Yes, I’ve had my own fair share of life unplanned events, did it knock me down? yes! Did I get back up? yes.

On the road to success, we will face challenges, rejection, pain, heartbreak, and series of unforeseen circumstances that will come knocking on our door.

I have cried till tear refused to come and then it passed.

Nothing lasts forever, bad times don’t last forever so learn to be strong, work smart and have faith in God, I believe in God and I hope you do.

These few tips will help you to survive anything and rules your world

Surround yourself with people who care about your wellbeing, (family, if you stay in a different state, always keep in touch. you will not believe how much strength i suddenly have after speaking to my mother)


Do you believe in love? the universe sees everything we do and has a way of bringing it back to us, love your neighbor, lend a helping hand, free your mind of any kind of hate.

Stay away from negativity

There are negative people everywhere, stay away from people who constantly remind you about what you don’t have YET (e neva pay no mean say e no go pay)

Wake up beside the one you love

This is why I believe that you must be in love to get married. Waking beside the one you love makes you happy, fresh, and full of life.

Waking up beside someone you are ” managing” will do just the opposite so we need to choose carefully.

Eat good food

Have some soul food with family, spouse, partner. smell the roses while you still can.

Don’t dwell on the downside of life because there is so much more to live for.

Don’t commit suicide.

I am sending you Love and Light

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