SURROGACY as an option for parents to be

Lets define Surrogacy; This often an agreed arrangement where a woman agrees to bear a child for someone,who will be the child’s parent after she has put to bed.

We have two methods of surrogates that is Traditional Surrogates and Gestational surrogates. But we will talk about Gestational Surrogates.Most people use this method especially when they are having a hard time in giving birth, or when the lady has reached the age of menopause. This done by a process called IVF ( in vitro fertilization), this process makes it possible to gather the egg from the mother and fertilize it with the man’s sperm, after this the doctor places the embryo in the uterus of the gestational surrogate.

After this process the surrogate carries the child till the child is being birthed. This process is more preferable because the child doesn’t have any genetic ties with the surrogate .

The Gestational Surrogate is also called the child’s birth mother , because she birthed it although it wasn’t her egg that was fertilized.

Reasons Why People Use Surrogates

  • Conditions that makes pregnancy risky or impossible
  • Medical problems with the Uterus
  • Menopause

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